The Best Solar Companies in California

California is among the best states for solar power generation. This has contributed to an increase in the number of residential solar companies operating across the state. Although this is an advantage to homeowners because it provides options, it is also a problem. Why? It becomes difficult to distinguish the best solar providers in California from the rest.

We faced the same challenge when we were installing solar in our home. You don’t have to face the same problem or get cheated by some websites into believing installers with negative reviews are the best. Using this honest list of top solar installers in California, you will get the right company in your area.    

How We Picked the Companies

This list is dependable because we used strict criteria that didn’t involve us getting paid by any installers. We analyzed over one hundred companies focusing on specific services and qualities that included warranties, financing options, and product options. Learn more about the procedure we used to create the list.  

Top 10 Residential Solar Companies in California

Sunwork Renewable Energy Projects

Sunwork Renewable Energy Projects


  • Installs affordable systems that are a third less than traditional solar installers
  • It does not demand a down payment
  • All cost savings on solar components are passed to you
  • Maintains a single technical contact from start to finish to eliminate miscommunication
Renova Energy

Renova Energy

Palm Desert

  • Provides systems that can withstand harsh desert conditions
  • Offers a free customized proposal to help you make informed decisions
  • Handles all the paperwork involved when going solar
  • Has a referral program that goes up to $1,000
Sol R US Electrical Engineering

Sol R US Electrical Engineering

  • Offers customized solutions with a free installation quote
  • It has multiple solar plans and payment options that make solar affordable
  • Quick turnaround, where the systems are usually installed in a day after getting permits
Cosmic Solar, Inc.

Cosmic Solar, Inc.


  • The installer gives you a free energy evaluation
  • Excellent customer service voted among the best
  • Offers a complete line of solar and energy storage services
  • Variety of financing options that include lease and secured & unsecured loans


Los Angeles, La Habra

  • Builds solar systems using top tier products
  • The company gives a 25-year warranty
  • Flexible financing options that include a $0 down and zero payment for six months
  • Specializes in solar repairs, making them perfect for new installations since they know common weaknesses
  • Greater transparency during the solar purchase process


Los Angeles

  • Offers a 25-year warranty for all solar systems
  • Uses high-quality solar components made by American companies
  • Gives free estimates for all homeowners in California
  • It has favorable financing options such as loan, cryptocurrency, and cash
Imperium Energy

Sopris Solar

Canoga Park

  • D
  • Offers free site visits, consultation, and quotes
  • Supports a variety of financing options, among them a $0 financing option
  • Provides 25-year warranty on panels
  • Offers a lifetime workmanship warranty
Imperial Solar

Imperial Solar

Canoga Park

  • Has a referral program that awards up to $500
  • Has a 12-year experience in residential solar installations
  • Provides highly efficient solar systems with aesthetically pleasing designs
  • Offers a 25-year warranty on all products and labor
Highlight Solar

Highlight Solar

San Jose

  • Offers all-in-one solar services
  • Carries out a financial analysis to help you make the right decisions
  • Focus on quality assurance, where they ensure 100% satisfaction
  • Offers a 20-year warranty on solar installation and workmanship
Jamar Power Systems

Jamar Power Systems

Boulder, Denver

  • Offers a wide range of electrical and solar services
  • It has over 25-year of experience in the electrical sector and 13 years in solar
  • Only works with California certified technicians

California Solar Energy Incentives: Rebates, Tax Credits

California is a beneficiary of the federal tax credit, which covers 26% of the total cost of your solar system. The federal government has extended the 26% tax credit, which was initially supposed to reduce to 22% in 2021, for another two years. You, therefore, have enough time to install a system without incurring all the costs.

In addition to the federal tax credit, other incentives are available at the local level, mostly by utilities. The rebates program varies depending on your area, but most tend to start from $500. Therefore, inquire about local incentives available in your location if you are planning on going solar.

Average Solar Installation Cost in California

The cost of solar panels per watt falls between $2.39 and $2.92 in 2021, which is higher than in most states.

Based on this figure, you can expect to pay between $9,560 and $11,680 for a 4kW system. Both the federal and local incentive programs will help you cut down the cost of installing a new solar system in your home.

After taking advantage of the 26% federal tax credit available to homeowners in California, a 4kW system’s cost falls between $7,074 and $8,643. The price will reduce even further if you claim local incentives, whose percentage varies depending on your location.  

Thus, although installing a solar system is more expensive in California than in most states, the presence of federal and state incentives makes it affordable for many.

What are the solar financing options in California?

The following financing options are available to California homeowners that want to go solar;

  • Cash purchase
  • Solar lease
  • Secured and unsecured solar loans
  • Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE) programs
  • Home equity line of credit

Each financing option has its benefits and shortcomings. However, if possible, go for a cash purchase since it is always the best option. But if you want to avoid the high upfront costs that will take years to recover, consider the lease option.   




California state solar energy by the numbers

  • Solar Installed (MW): 29,200
  • National Ranking: 1st (1st in 2019)
  • Enough Solar Installed to Power: 7 million homes
  • Percentage of State’s Electricity from Solar: 22%
  • Solar Jobs in California: 74,255
  • Solar Installers in California: 951
  • Number Of Installations: 1,210,035

Data current through Q3 2020