The Best Solar Companies in North Carolina 2023

If you’re looking for some of the best solar companies in the state, North Carolina has a wide variety of options for home solar installation. As the third-largest installed photo voltaic (PV) capacity in the country, North Carolina is leading the way for the next generation of clean, affordable energy. But who you choose as your home solar provider in North Carolina can affect how well your solar power system generates power for you.

Most solar energy systems have an expected lifespan of 25 years, and many factors can affect how well you will operate in that time. The type of roof and your orientation to the sun throughout the day and any shading from the sun or other buildings may impact your rate of generation or the amount of solar battery storage you may need. Quality installation is the key to maximizing your solar energy generation and minimizing your energy bill and carbon footprint.

How We Calculated the Top Solar Providers
None of the companies paid us to be included in this list. To ensure we give you an honest list, we first identified over 100 solar installers operating in Arizona. After that, we reviewed and analyzed other factors such as accreditations, warranties, financing options, and experience. You can find out more about the criteria we used to come up with the list here.  

Top 10 Residential Solar Installers in North Carolina

8M Solar


Wake Forest

  • Their hands-on experts are there with you from the design to the installation and beyond.
  • Prices can be 10% lower than the market. 8M Solar’s process is streamlined to avoid costly overhead.
  • High-end, reliable materials with extended warranties mean you can count on your solar system to go the distance.
  • Help you capitalize on any government and state solar incentives.
Tayco Electric Solar

TayCo Electric

Indian Trail

  • Expect experienced technicians and high-end equipment available like Sunpower and Tesla Powerwall technology.
  • Offers all of the latest, cutting-edge technology installed by expert electricians for those with extremely high standards.
  • Topline service and products with a variety of financing options.
PES Solar

PES Solar

  • An affordable solution for solar installation that includes simple and easy financing.
  • Helps you find all the right tax incentives to reduce your costs.
  • Advises on the proper placement and optimum equipment to maximize your energy generation and reduce or eliminate your current energy bill.
Sun Dollar Energy

Sun Dollar Energy


  • For those looking to get off the grid and go 100% solar.
  • Easy processes and payment plans that make affordable solar possible for all budgets.
  • Expert technicians with experience and know-how to guide you before, during, and after your system is installed.
RSRV Power

RSRV Power


  •  Experts based in Charlotte, NC, with experience installing for homes and businesses.
  • Offers solar panels and battery storage with a range of budgets in mind.
  • Finance options include $0 down and $0 out of pocket.
Renu Energy Solutions

Renu Energy Solutions

Charlotte, Durham

  • Experts in combination systems that use solar and traditional sources of energy together to power your home.
  • Helps you balance energy generated by solar panels with 24/7 energy needs.
  • Offers a range of battery storage options to supplement your solar panels.
NC Solar Now

NC Solar Now


  • No-contact installations and free digital estimates can get you going on your solar energy installation right from your computer.
  • Easy financing and custom energy solutions.
Yes Solar Solutions

Yes Solar Solutions


  • Expert help on how to reduce your energy bill or eliminate it with tips for reducing energy use beyond your system.
  • Plenty of battery options and years of experience to help you generate clean, affordable energy from the sun for your home or business.
  • Decades of experience installing solar for homes and businesses.
Cape Fear Solar Systems

Cape Fear Solar Systems


  • If you believe that solar energy is the energy of the future, you and Cape Fear Solar Systems could be a match.
  • Beyond rooftop solar installations for your home or business, they also offer installation for electric vehicles to charge up.
  • Considers a whole-home solar approach to deliver a custom solution.
Emerald Energy

Emerald Energy


  • Customer focused & driven to help you achieve energy independence & security.
  • Virtual consultations are available
  • Customer education for their renewable energy system and total satisfaction is our main focus and goal for each and every customer.
  • Locally owned and operated, and established in 2009

North Carolina Solar Energy Incentives: Rebates and Tax Credits

Duke Energy solar panel rebates can offer you up to $3,600 for residential customers and up to $50,000 for business customers. If you’re a nonprofit, you could see up to $75,000 in rebates. 

There is also a state property tax exemption you can take advantage of that negates any tax increase due to the rise in property value your home gains due to solar addition. 


Solar Installation Cost in North Carolina

If you’re getting solar panels in North Carolina, you can expect to pay anywhere from $11,475 to $15,525, with an average cost of about $13,500.

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How Long is the Payback Period for a Solar Panel System in North Carolina?

With most solar energy systems lasting up to 25 years, you can expect to pay it off in less than half that time—the average payback period for a solar energy system in NC averages just over ten years. That can depend on how well your system is installed, how much light it can collect, and how efficient your inverter and battery storage is. There are ways to make your system pay you back faster, like generating more energy than you need and selling it back to the system if net-metering is available in your area.

How to choose the best solar provider in NC

North Carolina solar energy by the numbers

  • Solar Installed (MW): 8,147
  • National Ranking: 4th (8th in 2021)
  • Enough Solar Installed to Power: 955,987 homes
  • Percentage of State’s Electricity from Solar: 9%
  • Solar Jobs in NC: 6,978
  • Solar Installers in NC: 64
  • Number Of Installations: 37

Data current through Q3 2022