The Best Solar Companies in Washington 2023

Updated: March 2023

Solar power is one of the industries in America today with the highest growth. In fact, it increased by approximately 30% just last year.

With that, the number of solar installers in Washington, D.C., is anticipated to increase even more quickly as demand rises.

The District of Columbia’s main renewable energy sources are solar energy and biomass, which account for nearly 59% of the city’s entire net generation. The city has no commercial geothermal, wind, or hydroelectric power development.

If you’re thinking of adding solar energy to your house or place of business, you need to get qualified solar companies to get your installation done to the highest standard.

We’re here to help you narrow down the list.

Our thorough research led us to these top 5 installers in Washington:

  • Nova Solar
  • Tesla Energy
  • Revolution Solar
  • Green Brilliance LLC
  • Solar Energy World

It is important to keep in mind that the best installer for you will always depend on a number of variables. These variables include your location in Washington, D.C., your home’s design, and your unique energy requirements.

By conducting extensive research to create this assessment of the top solar firms in Washington, D.C., we have simplified the process of choosing the best supplier.

Read on to view our selections for the top solar installers in Washington, D.C., and get ready to obtain the finest solar installation for your building at the best price.

Why Trust Us

Over 179 solar companies in Washington, were the focus of our extensive research.

We talked to people about their installations and compared quotations from solar installers, equipment models, and others for more than 60 hours.

Additionally, we looked at certifications, warranties, insurance, financing, and expertise with Washington, D.C., homes’ energy requirements.

Review of the 5 Best Solar Companies in Florida 

1. Nova Solar

Service Area: Washington, D.C.

Year Started: 2012

Why we’re recommending?

From its free quotation services to its great warranties and finance options, Nova Solar has cemented itself as a standout among its competitors with a good reputation among customers.

This installer offers various installation services, with plenty of financing options to ensure you don’t break the bank, and they provide a 25-year warranty with each of them.

Nova Solar provides a wide range of products including the REC 360AA Alpha Black Series and Q-Cells Q.Peak Duo L-G5.2 400W.

Nova Solar has something for everyone, from modest home systems to big utility-scale installations.

They offer everything from solar modules to inverters, batteries, and mounting hardware. Depending on how much power you want to generate, there are several different types of solar cells that you can pick from.

Customer feedback:

Many customers said that they had a great and smooth installation experience. They benefit from having the process and steps explained clearly from start to finish.

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2. Tesla Energy

Service Area: Washington, D.C.

Year Started: 2015

Why we’re recommending?

Tesla Energy is an online retailer that offers a wide variety of solar power solutions, including residential and commercial installations.

One of their highlights is offering a price match guarantee. So if you find a lower price on another site, you can contact them within 30 days of purchase, and they’ll give you a refund of up to $1,500.

Tesla Energy also offers solar panels without requiring you to pay upfront. Instead, they take care of everything. So you don’t have to worry about how much electricity you use as they do not monitor the panels’ output.

Once you sign up, the company installs the system while monitoring it. In addition, they offer free repairs for any issues.

In the long run, you can also sell the system to a friend whenever you want without any problems.

Customer Feedback:

Most customers enjoyed every part of the process, especially the communication aspect of the installation. They enjoyed having clarity on the timeliness of the installation process and the follow-ups to ensure their satisfaction with it.

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3. Revolution Solar

Service Area: Washington, D.C.

Year Started: 2009

Why we’re recommending?

As licensed electricians and certified solar contractors, Revolution Solar provides free estimates, consultations, and inspections.

Regarded as the authority in both industrial and domestic installations, Revolution Solar wants to help you choose solar energy in the best way possible.

Revolution Solar’s staff is committed to delivering high-caliber work and achieving customer satisfaction. They have completed over 1,000 installations across Washington.

They believe every project deserves a professional approach and offer various products and installation services, including Solar Ground Mounts, Solar Rooftop Decks, Solar Pergolas, Solar Batteries, and every component you need.

Customer Feedback

The consensus is that Revolution Solar is worth the value for the money you spend on product quality and service. In addition, the company is known for being very responsive and instilling confidence by offering a very knowledgeable team of installers.

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4. Green Brilliance LLC

Service Area: Washington, D.C.

Year Started: 2007

Why we’re recommending?

Green Brilliance offers great customer support, competitive pricing, and a comprehensive array of solar panels with a dedication to every aspect of going green for the environment.

A wide range of their products, including solar panels, batteries, inverters, and lighting systems, make it easier for consumers to find what they need.

Customer service is another factor that makes Green Brilliance stand out among similar companies. It offers free consultations to help potential clients determine whether solar energy is right for them.

Furthermore, they supply financing options, too, making it possible for anyone to install solar. The business also provides warranties for all of its equipment.

Customer Feedback:

The quality of customer service that Green Brilliance offers keeps customers coming back and generating recommendations to their friends and family. Green Brilliance’s customers are also generally happy with the installation process as they have clear communication from everyone involved.

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5. Solar Energy World

Service Area: Washington, D.C.

Year Started: 2009

Why we’re recommending?

Solar Energy World is among the most reputable solar panel installers because they offer many types of solar panels, including residential and commercial installations.

Rooftop solar panels, ground-mounted solar arrays, and micro inverters are just a few of the several solar system types that Solar Energy World offers. Their systems are designed to reduce customers’ electricity bills while generating green energy.

Other services are available from Solar Energy World, such as solar inspections, design consultations, installation services, maintenance contracts, and financing options.

The best part of these services is they are available at affordable rates. In addition, solar World Energy offers financing options for customers, making their renewable energy solutions even more affordable.

Customer Feedback:

Many customers chose Solar Energy World due to the transparency in their estimates. Furthermore, customers also enjoy the smooth run of the installation process and the helpfulness of their customer service agents.

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Top National Solar Installers in Washington 

Tesla Energy
Tesla Energy

Solar Incentives and Rebates in Washington

Washington, D.C., has some of the best incentives available for solar energy.

The federal solar incentives are important to remember, particularly regarding the tax credits.

With the help of the Investment Tax Credit (ITC), also known as the Residential Clean Energy Credit for home systems, the cost of your PV solar energy system could go down by 30%.

Unless you are a tax-exempt corporation, in which case you might be eligible for a direct payment, keep in mind that the ITC is only available to people who buy their PV system outright (with cash or a solar loan). In addition, you must make enough money to qualify for the credit.

There are a few other D.C. solar initiatives that you can take advantage of in addition to obtaining utility bill credits for any excess solar electricity your panels produce, including:

Certificates for solar renewable energy (SRECs)

The District of Columbia wants to reduce electric bills by 50% by 2032 by providing solar energy to low- and moderate-income homes. And you can get paid to help them reach this goal.

Under this program, you get one D.C. SREC for each MWh of clean electricity your panels generate. You can then sell these certificates on the SREC market.

SRECs were more expensive in DC in 2021 than anywhere else in the nation, selling for between $365 and $435 per unit. At the bottom end of that range, an 8 kW system that produces 8 MWh annually would create an additional $2,920 annually.

Affordable Residential Solar

The Solar Advantage Plus Program offers an exceptional incentive for eligible people of modest income in Washington, D.C.

With the help of this first-come, first-served rebate scheme, qualifying applicants can get up to $10,000 to pay for a 3kW to 4kW solar system in full.

Participants will not only be the owners of the system and the energy it generates, but they will also be able to sell the SRECs mentioned above.

Net Metering in Washington

When mounting solar panels on your roof, it’s crucial to make sure you get credit for the entire amount of power your system generates.

Fortunately, Washington, D.C., has a net metering policy that credits you for any excess electricity your system produces and lets you utilize those credits to make up for any insufficient power produced by your system.

Pepco (Potomac Electric Power Company) offers the Washington, D.C., area’s top utility net metering program.

Tax incentives for solar energy in D.C. Property tax exemptions

You can also save money on your property taxes by installing that solar energy system and taking advantage of the Personal Property Tax Credit for Solar Energy and Cogeneration Systems.

How Much Does Solar Cost in Washington?

Over the past few years, solar energy has gained appeal as a renewable source of electricity. Homeowners who wish to cut their carbon footprint or save money on their power bill may find solar panels and installation an appealing alternative because of their decreased cost.

Determining the average price of solar energy in Washington, D.C., still needs further research. However, we can estimate that residential solar installation typically costs between $10,000 and $20,000.

The price may vary again depending on size when it comes to large-scale installations. Businesses generally favor larger solar installations compared to homeowners.

Furthermore, a solar panel’s size and installation point affect how much electricity it produces. For example, a small rooftop system will produce approximately 10 kilowatts (kW) of electricity per year, while a large ground-mounted array could yield up to 1 megawatt (MW).

The initial investment is sometimes the biggest expense when examining the entire cost of ownership. Once installed, however, the savings in monthly bills can offset the costs within five to seven years.

How Big a Solar System Do I Need in Washington?

If you’re interested in going solar, you should first determine your needs.

If you are in a sunny area, you might only require a little space. But you’ll probably need a larger system if you reside in a cloudy area.

A good general rule of thumb is to multiply the square footage of your roof by 0.5.

So if your roof covers 500 square feet, you need around 1,000 watts of power.

Is It Worth It to Go Solar in Washington?

Solar is worth it in Washington, D.C.

In fact, solar panels are worth it in most places, though how quickly you break even on your investment will depend on things like the cost of electricity, available incentives, climate, and sun angle.

You can save up to $43,784 over 20 years by putting in an average solar system. If you choose to pay for your system with a loan that requires no down payment, you can start saving money in Washington, D.C., immediately.

How Does Net-metering Work in Washington?

Customers of utilities with net metered systems will receive credit for each kilowatt their system produces. They will receive monthly bills for the sum of the kilowatt hours they used and the kilowatt hours they produced.

You will receive credit for each additional kilowatt per hour you produce in a given month compared to what you consume.

This credit can be used when you make less electricity than you use in a later month.

The credit for overproduction will carry over from month to month forever.

Other Kinds of Net Metering in Washington

There is a virtual net metering system available in Washington, D.C.

D.C. Bill 20-0057 gave people in D.C. the option to buy electricity from community renewable energy facilities through virtual net metering (CREFs).

Facilities must have a capacity of less than 5 MW and at least two users.

Subscribers to CREF own or rent a “share” of the facility. Based on the size of their share, their utility bill is credited each month for a certain number of kilowatt hours.

What Are My Options for Installing Solar Panels in Washington?

There are two major possibilities when weighing the options for a solar panel installation for your house or place of business. These options are a grid-tied system or an off-grid system.

Grid-tied systems are directly connected to the utility company’s electrical grid. Meanwhile, off-grid systems use batteries to store extra energy throughout the day to generate power at night.

Off-Grid vs. Grid-Tie Systems

Both varieties of systems have advantages and disadvantages.

Grid-tied solar panels offer a steady supply of clean energy 24/7. However, you must pay a premium for the service. As a result, your final cost will probably be more than if you had chosen an off-grid solution.

Off-grid systems are less expensive because they don’t rely on the utility company. They also allow you to generate all of your own power. However, this type of system requires a battery bank to store energy. These batteries may significantly increase the system’s weight.


Setting up solar panels is a fantastic method to cut costs and lessen your carbon footprint.

Not only will you have clean energy coming into your home, but you’ll also be helping the environment. And if you live in the D.C. area, you might even qualify for tax credits from the government.

The only task left is to choose a trustworthy installer. You can do that by finding a quote here. Before deciding which installer is best for you, we advise obtaining at least three quotations.

WA Solar Energy Facts

  • Solar Installed (MW): 357
  • Enough Solar Installed to Power: 34,627 homes
  • National Ranking: 37th (34th in 2021)
  • Percentage of State’s Electricity from Solar: 0.4%
  • Solar Jobs in WA: 3,950
  • Number of Installations in WA: 34

Data current through Q3 2022

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