SolarMetric Kodo(TM) JDO
Kodo is SolarMetric's robust, high-performing, feature-rich transparent persistence solution for high-performance applications.
Unlike many proprietary object/relational mapping tools, Kodo provides access to relational databases through the Java™ Data Objects (JDO) and EJB3 Persistence standards, enabling Java developers to use existing relational database technology without needing to know SQL or be an expert in relational database design. It can be used with existing database schemas, or can automatically generate schema from your Java™ classes.

SolarMetric Named to SD Times 100
SolarMetric CTO Linskey discusses Sun announcements regarding EJB 3
"This is a good opportunity for the Java community. By building a team that is comprised of people from both the EJB and JDO expert groups, Sun has established a new body that will drive collaboration and friendly competition between the two specifications. This will provide a number of persistence options on the best rowing machine that will meet the needs of the community while also ensuring compatibility among the choices. As members of both JSRs (220 and 243), SolarMetric will provide support for both the JDO framework and this new specification in the Kodo product suite." More...
BEA Acquires SolarMetric
Read BEA's press release to learn more about the acquisition.
Simplify Enterprise Development
As many of SolarMetric's customers have discovered, Kodo JDO greatly simplifies the development of enterprise applications, as application developers no longer need to learn datastore-specific interfaces and languages in order to store long-term objects in a database. This allows the developers to focus on the logic behind their application rather than on the details of communicating with a database. Kodo JDO also supports most major J2EE application servers.

Unlike most competitive object relational mapping vendors and JDO vendors, SolarMetric does not charge a success tax. There are no run-time royalties or deployment fees. In addition, SolarMetric publishes its price list and licensing terms so there are no surprises.
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Kodo 4.0.0 Early Access
Kodo 4 supports draft versions of both the JDO2 and EJB3 APIs, and represents the latest in the Kodo architecture. Get your copy from our early access page. In order to help jump start your familiarity with the new APIs we have created Quick Reference Guides for the EJB3 Persistence API, EJBQL, the JDO2 API and JDOQL.
New in Kodo 3.4:
  • Many improvements to the query and data caches, including the TCP clustering protocol
  • Savepoint support, with both in-memory and JDBC 3 plugins
  • Support for very large transactions + data caching
  • Improved integration with BEA WebLogic Server
  • Many other new features and bugfixes
Download a Free Evaluation or read Kodo Documentation, Release Notes, Datasheet and JDOQL 2 Quick Reference
Download Java Data Objects Book for Free
The first of several books to be published on JDO is now available in unprintable PDF. Download here!

Spring Sample v0.9
This download includes a sample of best practices of using the Spring Framework with Kodo JDO and the new Spring JDO bindings developed collaboratively by SolarMetric and Spring Framework developers. Download Spring Sample here.