The Best Solar Companies in Maryland 2023

Updated: March 2023

With almost 4.5 daily peak sun hours in Maryland, you can make good use of solar energy and make your home more efficient. To install solar panels, you’ll need good solar installers, and based on our research, we’d recommend these Maryland-based companies:

  • Celestial Solar Innovations
  • Sustainable Energy Systems LLC
  • Grounded Solar
  • SunPower
  • Lumina Solar

We outlined the details of each company in this article so you can have a clear picture of what to expect with each one. Still, we recommend that you conduct your own research before making a decision.

Below, you’ll see our picks for the best solar installers in the state of Maryland.

Why Trust Us

The detailed descriptions of the companies below are based on customer feedback, research of accreditations, certificates, the results of past work and financing options.

The research covered more than 170 solar installers in the Old Line State to ensure that the companies we recommend truly deliver on their promises.

Review of the 5 Best Solar Companies in Maryland

1. Celestial Solar Innovations

Service area: counties Frederick, Baltimore, Prince George’s, Montgomery, Carroll, Howard, Anne Arundel, and Washington. Based in Frederick, MD.

Year started: 2013

Why we’re recommending:

Celestial Solar provides services to both residential homes and businesses, while the flexible options for financing makes their service financially accessible to homeowners.

A 100% investment financing is possible with this company.

On top of that, Celestial Solar Innovations have awards and certifications from REC, which includes a 25-year warranty, and a BBB seal.

Customer feedback: the experience of working with Celestial Solar can be described as open and efficient. The professionals are there to answer all of your questions and the installation process is done quickly.

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2. Sustainable Energy Systems LLC

Service area: Maryland and bordering states, based in Frederick, MD.

Year started: 2008

Why we’re recommending: SES provides four types of solar services – grid-tied, battery backed-up, off-grid, and commercial PV systems. They’re also reputable on a regional scale, as they provide their services in several states.

This company is also certified for resale and installation of AllEarth Solar Trackers, which come with 10-year warranty and 25-year design life. These systems are built to withstand heavy winds and snow.

Customer feedback: customers agree that SES provides clear guidelines through the process of installation and that the team is efficient, getting the job done as soon as possible.

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3. Grounded Solar

Service area: Maryland, based in St. Mary’s County.

Year started: 2005

Why we’re recommending: Grounded Solar is one of the most experienced solar companies in Maryland, active for more than 15 years and with more than 30 years of combined experience within the team!

They’re certified by NABCEP, and they’re licensed Maryland home improvement contractors. Unlike some companies that follow a pattern, Grounded Solar provides unique solutions depending on your needs and capabilities.

A low price is guaranteed, and they also provide free consultation.

Customer feedback: Grounded Solar stand out as an immensely helpful team because they navigate you through the grants and tax credits to make solar installation as financially viable as possible.

On top of that, they’re a small team that’s easy to work with and they get the job done quickly.

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4. SunPower

Year started: 1985

Service area: the entire country, with dealers in Maryland.

Why we’re recommending: SunPower is a solar powerhouse for a reason. They host a wide range of solar panels that can suit the needs of every client. Not everyone needs industry-grade solar panels, and SunPower knows it.

While their products are, admittedly, a bit more expensive than those of most local installers, they’re also very efficient. They’re especially useful with limited space options – such as roof installation.

Customer feedback: SunPower is great to work with because they offer different warranties and a free online estimate, as well as a design preview to see what the panels will look like. The company also helps you with the permits and approvals before they begin construction.

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5. Lumina Solar

Year started: 2018

Service area: Maryland, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Washington DC – based in Halethorpe, MD.

Why we’re recommending: Lumina is the youngest company we’re recommending, but they’ve been doing great so far. They have the best solar company website with all necessary info.

Additionally, they use the highest quality of solar panels and they provide residential and commercial services, as well as roof replacements and repairs after solar installation.

Customer feedback: the company is very transparent about their process and representatives will keep you updated on what’s going on throughout the entire process of getting permits and installing the solar panels.

On top of that, Lumina can set you up with solar maintenance and an extensive warranty.

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Top Local Installers in Major Areas

Top Local Installers in the Southern Region

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Top Local Installers in the Greater Baltimore Area

Solar Energy World
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Top Solar Installers in Northern and Western Areas

American Sentry Solar
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Brighteye Solar
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Sustainable Energy Systems
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Celestial Solar Innovations
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Solar Incentives and Rebates in Maryland

You’ll be happy to hear about solar financing options that make it easy to choose.

The first one we’ll mention is the ITC – standing for the Federal Solar Investment Tax Credit. This incentive is available to all homeowners and it’s recently been updated to 30% with the Inflation Reduction Act. Up until recently, it was fixed at 30%.

On average, this incentive can save between $6 to $10k with an average solar system.

Maryland also has additional incentives that will help you save, including:

  • Maryland-Eligible Renewable Energy Credit (REC)
  • Maryland Residential Clean Energy Grant Program
  • Maryland Commercial Clean Energy Grant Program
  • Maryland Clean Energy Production Tax Credit

To learn more these and other incentives in Maryland, follow this link.

How Much Does Solar Cost in Maryland

Average solar installation cost in Maryland for a 7kW system is about $21,000 before the federal tax credit with the average payback period of 12 years.

Learn more: Maryland Solar Panel Costs 2022

How Big a Solar System Do I Need in Maryland

There are several factors that will affect how many panels you need in Maryland, such as the size and angle of your roof, amount of shade, and your electricity usage.

But on average, a home in Maryland can expect to require 12 to 22 solar panels.

Most of the installers on our list will give you a free solar estimate, which is the best way to determine how many panels you’ll want to get.

Is It Worth to Go Solar in Maryland

Because of self-sufficiency and energy independence, among other things, going solar in Maryland is definitely worth it.

According to the SEIA, more than 170,000 homes have already gone solar in Maryland.

We estimate that you can save up to $17 over 20 years if you install solar panels.

Can I Get Financing for Solar in Maryland?

Unfortunately, residents of Maryland don’t have access to PACE – Property Assessed Clean Energy financing option. However, the commercial PACE program is available for businesses!

There aren’t many solar financing options in Maryland, but low-income residents can apply for the Low Income Solar Grant Program.

Can I Install Solar at My Home in Maryland?

You can install solar panels at your home if you can install them in your yard or on your roof. In Maryland, most homes qualify for solar according to Google Sunroof, which states that 74% of homes can install solar panels!

There are factors other than sun hours that affect how much you can save, this includes the angle of your roof and financing options.

How Does Net Metering Work in Maryland

Solar technology is eligible for net metering in Maryland:

the system capacity limit is 2MW

the aggregate capacity limit is 1,500 MW

you have the title to all renewable-energy credits

This program is applicable to all utilities, such as solar, combined heat and power, wind, and hydroelectric.

What Are The Advantages of Solar in Maryland?

Here are the advantages of solar in Maryland you can expect.

Savings on Electricity

Since you’re basically generating your own electricity, you can expect notable savings. If you generate enough electricity, you can eliminate electricity bills completely!

Home Value Increase

The resale value of your home increases by about 4% if you install solar panels.

Tax Exemptions and Net Metering

As we already explained, there are programs you can apply for that lower your taxes and reward you for excess energy your solar panels generate.

How to Choose a Solar Installer in Maryland

With more than 170 solar installers in Maryland, it can be confusing and time consuming to narrow it down to the ones that work for you and are in your budget goals – lucky for you, we’re here to help.

Here’s what to look out for:

  • Check the certificates of the installer – especially NABCEP
  • Research the quality of the solar panels
  • Read client testimonials and check previous work
  • Ask them for a quote and turnaround time
  • Make sure that the solar installer is insured

How We Researched the Best Solar Installers in Florida

These are the things we looked for when researching the solar installers in Maryland:

  • Accreditation and certification
  • NABCEP accreditation
  • Certification by the state of Maryland
  • BBB accreditation
  • Expertise and experience
  • Number of years they have been in business
  • Services offered
  • Number of customers served
  • Number of projects completed
  • Process and quality of installations
  • Free consultations
  • Non-obligation quotes
  • Quality of solar products
  • Nature of warranties
  • Financing options offered
  • Customer reviews

Going Solar with Electric Utility Companies in Maryland

Eligo Energy has a net metering program that’s eligible for all owners of solar electric generators up to 2000kW, but also to owners of wind generators.

Easton Utilities Electric is another noteworthy entry – they don’t charge a net meter installation and they’ll only bill you when your demand for solar energy is greater than what your generator collected.

Aside from net metering programs, there are no programs offered by electric utility companies in Maryland. However, net metering can prove to be a great way of eliminating your energy costs.

Cost of Electricity in Maryland

For residential homes in Maryland, the average electricity rate is 13,9 ¢/kWh, which is a 10% increase in comparison to 2021, when the average rate was 12,6 ¢/kWh.

You can avoid this rise and stop worrying about electricity by going solar!

Climate, Weather, and Solar Irradiance in Maryland

With an annual precipitation of 59 inches and the average temperature of 55°, Maryland isn’t as sunny as some other states, which is why some people don’t think it’s eligible for solar panels.

However, Maryland still has 4.5 peak sun hours a day, and that amount of sunlight can pay off with solar panels.

On a positive note, hurricanes and tornadoes aren’t common in Maryland (the state was never hit by a major hurricane), which makes your solar installation safer.

Environmental Benefits of Going Solar in Maryland

Aside from the benefits to your wallet, using solar panels also benefits the environment. Here’s how:

  • It reduces the demand for fossil fuels which are harmful for the environment
  • Because of reduced pollution, air and water quality improve
  • The power plants reduce their consumption
  • Reduced health and environmental damages

Maryland Solar By the Numbers

According to the SEIA, Maryland is the 17th state regarding its solar capacity, with 1,504 MW of solar capacity generated by more than 83,00 solar installations. This is enough to power more than 170,000 homes!

Almost $4 billion have been invested in solar technology in Maryland, with prices dropping by 53% in the last ten years!

Bottom Line

While Maryland doesn’t have as many sun hours as some sunnier states, it’s still a favorable place for the installation of solar panels. Find the best installers by getting at least three quotes from local, regional, and national installers before making the final choice.

Maryland Solar Energy Resources

Here, you’ll find a useful information package about solar incentives available in the state of Maryland.

Here, you can learn everything about the expected installation costs in great detail.

Find a comprehensive list of all solar incentives in Maryland.

Take a rounded-up look at the number of solar installers, installations, and other useful information on solar programs in Maryland.

Maryland Solar Energy Facts

  • Solar Installed (MW): 1,524
  • National Ranking: 18th (27th in 2021)
  • Enough Solar Installed to Power: 173,868 homes
  • Percentage of State’s Electricity from Solar: 4.7%
  • Solar Jobs in MD: 4872
  • Solar Installers in MD: 81
  • Number of Installations: 86

Data current through Q3 2022

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