The Best Solar Companies in Florida

When going solar, you should avoid hiring the wrong installer. Such companies can cost you a lot of money for an inefficient system incapable of meeting your energy demands. That is why you should only go for the best solar companies in Florida and not just any installer.  

But you will realize that identifying the best from the hundreds of companies across the state is a challenge. Some websites can even mislead you by recommending installers with negative reviews as being the best.   

We are not like these websites. That is why we decided to come up with this honest list of top solar installers in Florida that you can use to find the best company in your location.

How We Calculated the Best Installers

We first identified all the solar companies currently operating in Florida and then began shortening the list. This involved checking crucial aspects such as accreditations, warranties, experience, and financing options. You can learn more about the criteria we used here. 

Top 10 Residential Solar Installers in Florida

Efficient home services

Efficient Home Services

St. Petersburg

  • Provide free energy evaluations
  • Team of experienced technicians with decades of combined industry experience
  • Tracks your energy bills after upgrades to ensure everything is functioning as required
  • Install panels with a performance warranty of 25 years
SunVena Solar LLC

SunVena Solar LLC


  • Does a pre-screening to help you establish whether you qualify for federal, state, and utility incentives
  • Provides you with a free, no-obligation quote
  • Offers a 25-year total system warranty, which is inclusive of panel and inverter warranty, labor guarantee, and production guarantee
PES Solar

PES Solar

  • Simple and easy financing options that make solar more affordable
  • Has a team of solar experts with years of experience
  • Provide customized solar systems that suit your energy needs and budget
Goldin Solar

Goldin Solar

Miami, Orlando, Vero Beach

  • Uses an industry-standard solar software to design arrays on your roof
  • Flexible financing options that include a $0 down
  • Certified Tesla’s Powerwall installer
  • 25-year product warranty
  • Provides customers with advanced solar monitoring software once the installation is complete
Solar-Ray, Inc.

Solar-Ray, Inc.


  • Experience of 16 years in residential solar systems
  • The first nationally accredited solar installer from Florida, which indicates they are experts
  • Involves the client throughout the process to help design an efficient system
Solar Source

Solar Source

Orlando, Tampa

  • Among the most experienced installer in the state with over 60,000 successful installations
  • Use the best solar components designed for the weather in Florida
  • It has highly trained technicians
  • The company is insured to help protect your investment
Power Production Management

Power Production Management


  • Over 10 years of experience in residential solar systems
  • A wide range of favorable financing options that include lease and PPA
  • A referral program that helps reduce the cost of a system by $500
Unicity Solar Energy

Unicity Solar Energy

Palm Harbor

  • Offers a 25-year warranty on production and workmanship
  • Provides a leak-free roof penetration guarantee
  • It makes it possible to monitor your system from anywhere
  • Gives a free estimate to all homeowners in Florida
Florida Power Services

Florida Power Services

Bradenton, Largo, Tampa

  • Over 17 years of experience in residential solar
  • Guarantee systems that will operate between 25-30 years
  • Provides customized systems that are influenced by the nature of your property
  • Offers a fixed rate solar loan at just 0.99%
Sun Badger Solar

Sun Badger Solar


  • Over 25 years of combined experience
  • Handles all the permits needed
  • The company helps you claim incentives once the system is installed
  • Offers multiple financing solutions

Florida solar energy incentives: rebates, tax credits

Like other states across the nation, the federal tax credit that is currently at 26% is applicable in Florida. Therefore, you can save 26% of your system’s total cost by claiming this tax credit.

Florida has a solar system property tax exemption, which covers homes whose value has increased due to the installation of a solar system. This incentive benefits homeowners trying to increase the value of their houses the most because they avoid any additional tax.

Florida also has a sales-tax exemption on residential solar systems that also extends to battery installations.

Average solar installation cost in Florida

The average price of panels in this state is $2.65 per watt. This price dictates the cost of a solar system installation in Florida. Using this rate, the average cost of 5kW and 6kW systems are $13,250 and $ 15,900, respectively. This is before accounting for any incentive.

When the 26% federal tax credit is considered, the price for a 5kW system falls to about $9,800, while that of a 6kW drops to around $11,700. Another additional incentive by the state that helps reduce the average cost of installation is a sales-tax exemption on solar products.

How to Evaluate Solar Installers and Solar Installation Quotes?

When evaluating solar installers, there are several factors that you should consider. First, look at the experience to determine whether they can deliver. You should also check their reputation by reading reviews from unbiased websites. This will help you settle for the best from the list of leading installers.

When evaluating solar installation quotes, check for the choice of components to establish whether they are of the highest quality. This will help you avoid cheaper installers who use substandard equipment.

Also, analyze the financing options available to you. This will enable you to pick a quote for a system that you can afford. At the same time, don’t forget to check the projected savings from the system.  


Florida solar energy by the numbers

  • Solar Installed (MW): 5,800
  • National Ranking: 4th (3rd in 2019)
  • Enough Solar Installed to Power: 7687,900 homes
  • Percentage of State’s Electricity from Solar: 2.76%
  • Solar Jobs in Florida: 12,202
  • Solar Installers in Florida: 209
  • Number Of Installations: 74,000

Data current through Q3 2020