The Best Solar Companies in Arizona 2023

Updated February 2023

Beating the heat of an Arizona summer has never been easier. You can now use the sweltering sun to your advantage by installing a solar power system. According to SEIA, this state is one of the sunniest. A solar setup can help you cool down at no extra monthly costs. 

After conducting thorough research, we found 5 solar installers in Arizona that we consider the best solar installation companies! They are:

  • Elevation Solar
  • SunPower Solar
  • Verde Solar
  • ADT Solar
  • SunValley Solar

While the one you choose for your installation will depend on your specific needs, this list narrows your options. We’ve extensively researched each installer to make finding the right one easier. 

Below, we share individual summaries of them and why others recommend them too.

Why Trust Us

Solar installers need to tick the right boxes to make it on our review list. We spend days researching companies and comparing quotes to ensure we find qualifying candidates. The solar system installers on our list have experience and stellar feedback. You can also be assured that we took a deep dive into their accreditations, warranties, and ability to meet the energy needs of Arizona homes.

The 5 Best Solar Companies in Arizona: Reviewed

1. Elevation Solar

Areas served: Arizona, California, Florida, Nevada, Texas, Utah, North Carolina, and South Carolina

Year started: 2014

Why we’re recommending:

Elevation Solar is an award-winning company that works with major brands, including LG, REC, Panasonic, and Q Cells. They offer an extended warranty on products and lifetime coverage on their workmanship. You can also qualify for the Elevation Complete Protection program, which includes a 30-year warranty on any panels, racking and roof penetrations, and inverters purchased. 

This company’s process includes a free consultation and home survey. They secure the permits needed for installing your solar panel system. If you’re on a budget, you can check in with their financing department for assistance. Elevation Solar offers payment plans of up to 25 years. 

Elevations Solar has a long list of services available. Whether you need to go off the grid or simply want to make your home more energy efficient, they can help!

Customer feedback: 

Many customers claim that Elevation Solar goes the extra mile! The company has a reputation for showing up on time, being efficient, and listening to its customer’s needs. Clients have described their experience with Elevation Solar as straightforward and sensible. Multiple reviews indicate that installation teams are diligent and that their after-care service is excellent. 

You can get a free quote from Elevation Solar here to see if their services meet your needs!

2. SunPower Solar

Areas served: Worldwide

Year started:1985

Why we’re recommending:

SunPower Solar has been in the business for longer than most other solar installers. The company has done an excellent job building up a respected reputation. They have authorized dealers around the globe who install their extensive list of solar products where it’s needed. 

You’ll come across some of the best-performing solar panels on the market backed by warranties that are hard to beat. SunPower offers a 40-year lifespan and lifetime production on their modules. Currently, this company is the only that provides 400-watt solar panels. These use less space and are more efficient.

SunPower Solar also has an app that allows you to monitor your energy usage and the entire system. You’ll get real-time information on how your system works and be notified of any issues. 

Customer feedback: 

SunPower customers report huge money savings! Most say that their solar installation powers more than 90% of their home. Those with battery systems even give back to the grid. SunPower equipment is rated as high-quality by many clients. The company’s assistance with financing and customer care department is also praised. Customer feedback shows that SunPower chooses reliable dealers to help distribute its products worldwide. 

If SunPower Solar seems like a good fit for you, get a quote from them here.

3. Verde Solar

Areas served: Arizona, Camp Verde, Clarkdale, Cornville, Cottonwood, Dewey, Jerome, Rimrock, Sedona, Lake Montezuma, Village of Oak Creek, and Mayer

Year started: 2008 (officially, although the parent company was established in 1996)

Why we’re recommending:

Verde Solar offers a wide range of services, including on and off-grid solutions. They provide 

SunnyBoy and SolarEdge tech, as well as an in-house solar caddy, to give you portable power. 

The company has decades of industry experience. They’re proficient in commercial and residential installations and guarantee their workmanship for ten years. Verde Solar is state-licensed and employs certified staff members. Their equipment is of high quality, and their pricing is competitive. 

In addition, Verde Solar offers financing options. Their financing loan is funded by your monthly electric bill savings. Before you commit, they’ll provide you with a detailed proposal, including installation costs and estimated savings. 

Customer feedback: 

Clients describe Verde Solar as punctual and knowledgeable. Many were impressed by their professionalism. Customers compliment Verde Solar for their ability to deliver as promised and their willingness to address any concerns. Some added that they’ve had their installations for years without any issues. Reviews from customers indicate that Verde Solar is an excellent local choice.

If working with Verde Solar makes sense, get a quote here!

4. ADT Solar

Areas served: Arizona, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Florida, Kansas, New Mexico, Ohio, Nebraska, Nevada, North Caroline, Texas, and Virginia

Year started: 2007

Why we’re recommending:

ADT Solar has installed solar systems for thousands of customers and helped over 55,000 switch to solar. They service regions nationally. 

Solar installations done by ADT Solar have a 25-year power-generating guarantee. This company also offers price protection that ensures you get the best deals. They’re so confident in their prices that they’ll refund you the difference and give you extra cash if another solar installer can beat their price on equal products and benefits. 

ADT Solar uses the best solar equipment, no matter your budget. Brands included are Tesla Powerwall and Enphase Encharge. Their energy storage systems are equipped with leading technology that allows you to monitor how much energy your system generates and how much your house uses – with your smartphone!

Customer feedback: 

Customer reviews show that ADT Solar has excellent planning and coordinating skills. Many have said the company left them stress-free regarding permits and their project. Some added that ADT has an impressive customer care team who’s always available. The installation team also received positive feedback from multiple clients for their professionalism and efficiency.

If you’d like a quote from ADT Solar, click here.

5. Sun Valley Solar Solutions

Areas served: Arizona

Year started: 2006

Why we’re recommending:

Sun Valley Solar has helped over 8000 homes and businesses switch to solar – and counting! The company is accredited as a SunPower dealer but uses other equipment, too, ensuring you can choose what works best for you. The company offers various services, including car charging stations and remote monitoring. 

With multiple awards to back their reputation, Sun Valley Solar offers a 10-year warranty on installations, up to 25 years on hardware, and extended warranties for other equipment on request. 

Sun Valley Solar values their ability to build and install lasting solar systems. The company is diverse, certified, and offers competitive rates. 

Customer feedback: 

Sun Valley customers often praise them for their seamless process and affordable prices. Many reviews state that their staff is professional, knowledgeable, and thorough. Their workmanship is described as high-quality, and their support before, during, and after services rendered is summarized as excellent in multiple reviews. Clients of Sun Valley Solar recommend this company for their speedy service and the wow factor they bring!

You can get a quote from Sun Valley Solar here to see if they meet your needs. 

Top National Solar Installers in Arizona

Elevation Solar
Elevation Solar
Trinity Solar
Trinity Solar
Momentum Solar
Momentum Solar
Palmetto Solar
Palmetto Solar
ADT Solar
ADT Solar
Tesla Energy
Tesla Energy

Top Local Installers in Major Areas

Top Local Installers in the Phoenix Area

Elevation Solar
Elevation Solar
T&K Electric
T&K Electric
Better Earth Solar
Better Earth Solar
Solar Topps
Solar Topps


Top Local Installer in the Tucson Area


Top Local Installer in the Mesa Area

SunPower Solar
SunPower Solar
RedLine Electric & Solar
RedLine Electric & Solar
Suntap Power
Suntap Power
Solis Energy
Solis Energy
Canopy Energy
Canopy Energy


Top Local Installer in the Chandler Area

Sun Valley Solar
Sun Valley Solar
Fusion Power
Fusion Power
American Solar & Roofing
American Solar & Roofing
Arizona Solar Concepts
Arizona Solar Concepts
Icon Power
Icon Power


Top Local Installer in the Cottonwood Area

Verde Solar Power
Verde Solar Power
Pur Solar & Electrical
Pur Solar & Electrical
Sonoran Solar Power
Sonoran Solar Power
On Point Solar Power
On Point Solar Power

Solar Incentives and Rebates in Arizona

The state of Arizona wants to help you generate cleaner energy. Incentives and rebates are available to homeowners who switch to solar. 

Solar incentives and rebates in this state include the Federal Solar Investment Tax Credit (ITC), the Solar Equipment Sales Tax Exemption, the Energy Equipment Property Tax Exemption, and the Residential Arizona Solar Tax Credit. This is how each works:

  • The ITC (now referred to as the Residential Clean Energy Credit) incentive initially allowed you to claim 30% credit back on your total solar system investment. While this was set to reduce to 25% in 2023 and be eliminated after that, the Inflation Reduction Act increased this to 30% in August 2022. Thanks to this incentive, you can save an average of $6-10k on your solar investment. 
  • The Solar Equipment Sales Tax Exemption frees you from paying sales tax on your solar system purchase. 
  • You’ll be spared from paying additional property taxes when your property value increases thanks to the Energy Equipment Property Tax Exemption. 
  • During the year of your solar system installation, the Residential Arizona Solar Tax Credit rebate will reimburse you 25% of your solar panel cost up to $1,000. This will be deducted from your personal income tax. 

If you’d like to find out more about how solar incentives and rebates work in Arizona, read this

The Average Cost of a Solar System in Arizona

It’ll cost you about $21,400 to install a 7 kW solar system at your home. After deducting the solar incentives you qualify for, you could pay thousands less! The payback period on the abovementioned system is approximately 8 years. 

If you’d like a more detailed breakdown, read our article on solar installation costs in Arizona

How Big a Solar System Do I Need in Arizona?

Your electricity usage is the main factor determining how big your solar system needs to be. Your available space, roof angle, daily weather, and panel wattage also influence this. 

Arizona is relatively sunny year-round. If you live in the southwest, you won’t experience many cloudy days. There’s no need for an enormous battery pack and enough solar panels to charge it. Eastern areas have more annual rainfall. If you want to ensure your house stays off-grid during these days, you’ll need more panels and a bigger battery setup. 

On average, homes in Arizona need between 20 and 30 solar panels. The best way to determine how big your solar setup will need to be is by getting an estimate from your installer. 

Most on our list offer free solar quotes. 

Is It Worth It to Go Solar In Arizona?

Investing in a solar power system is worth it. You’ll benefit in numerous ways. Arizona is primarily sunny, making it an ideal area for harvesting solar energy. Some benefits you’ll enjoy when switching to solar power include lower electricity bills, a higher home value, and energy independence. You’ll also lower your carbon footprint! 

The SEIA reports more than 225,000 solar installations in Arizona. The majority of these are residential systems. By installing a solar system at your home, we estimate savings of up to $38,000 over 20 years. 

Can I Get Financing For Solar In Arizona?

There are many ways to finance your solar setup. You should choose the one that makes the most sense for your financial situation.

Private: If you have good credit, you can contact your bank or credit union for a personal loan or lines of credit. You could also borrow from your home’s equity if you qualify. Another private route is getting finance directly from solar companies. Besides financing, many give you the option to lease the system. 

State: The Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE) program is state-run and can finance up to 100% of your solar system. This is an excellent option to consider if you have a low credit score. The program focuses on renewable energy and energy efficiency. 

Can I Install Solar At My Home In Arizona?

If you have space on your roof or in your yard, the finances, and a reliable company in mind, you can install a solar system at your home. While many factors will determine how big of a system you need, even the smallest ones can make a difference. 

Google Sunroof estimates that 94% of buildings in Arizona will benefit from solar installations. Many of these are in residential areas. 

How Does Net Metering Work In Arizona?

Net metering has been phased out for homeowners in Arizona. Instead, the Arizona Corporation Commission (ACC) replaced this program with net billing. Under net billing, you can still sell excess solar energy. However, it will be purchased for between 5% and 30% less than the retail rate of electricity. 

There’s speculation that these rates will reduce even further in the future. 

What Are The Advantages of Solar In Arizona?

No matter the size of your solar system, you’ll enjoy these advantages to a degree: 

Your Power Bills Will Decrease

If your house runs on solar power alone, you won’t have to worry about energy bills anymore. Going off the grid can be expensive, but you’ll save in the long run.

Using grid-supplied electricity only when needed will lower your power bills. Most homes start by installing enough panels to supply their daytime needs. You’ll still save a lot if you stay on the grid at night. 

You’ll Be Independent Of the Grid

Generating your own electricity makes you independent from the grid. You won’t have to rely on the government for a power supply, and if blackouts occur, you’ll stay unaffected. 

Your Home Value Will Increase

Solar power is a high-value commodity. Installing a system can increase the value of your home by 2% – 3%. Most new homeowners also prefer purchasing a house with a solar system installed. Your house will likely sell faster if it runs on solar power. 

Rewards In The Form of State Incentives

You can qualify for different state incentives and rebates when you install solar power in Arizona. The savings between these can add up to thousands of dollars!

Your Carbon Footprint Will Reduce

Using a sustainable, clean energy source lowers your carbon footprint. You can help create a greener environment by saying no to power generated with fossil fuels. 

Who Is The Most Reputable Solar Installer in Arizona?

After looking at our extensive research and customer feedback per company, we conclude that the most reputable solar installers in Arizona are:

  • Elevation Solar
  • Arizona Southwest Solar & Electric
  • Verde Solar
  • Sunny Energy
  • ADT Solar
  • Sun Valey Solar Solutions
  • Blue Raven Solar

How To Choose A Solar Installer in Arizona

Choosing a solar installer can feel overwhelming. With almost 300 companies to choose between in Arizona, your options are definitely not limited! To help you sift through the list and save time, we share some considerations to keep in mind when choosing one.

You can summarize your needs and then work through these questions to pick the best company:

  • How much experience does this company have in Arizona?
  • Do they have an established track record and stellar reviews from people in your area?
  • Does the company have residential and commercial general contracting and remodeling licenses that contracts for solar installations? 
  • Are the staff qualified?
  • Is the solar company insured?
  • What kind of warranty does the company offer?
  • What is their general turnaround time?
  • How do the company’s post-installation services work?

Ask for quotes from at least 3 different companies to ensure you get the best deal!

How We Researched The Best Solar Installers in Arizona

We looked at several factors to select reliable solar installers in Arizona for our list. These included:

  • Experience
  • Customer feedback
  • Services
  • Establishment date
  • Licenses, accreditations, and certifications
  • Quote process
  • Warranties offered
  • Financing offered
  • Solar panels, solar batteries, and inverter quality

Going Solar With Electric Utility Companies In Arizona

Arizona has two major regulated electric utilities: 

  • Arizona Public Services (APS)
  • Tucson Electric Power (TEP)

Both utilities compensate solar users for the excess solar power they send to the grid. The Arizona Corporation Commission (ACC) replaced net metering with net billing in 2016, which is what these programs offer. The rate you’ll be credited with is less than the retail electricity rate. 

The ACC states that these net billing rates are locked for 10 years. Once this period has lapsed, the rate will decrease by 10% for new solar installers. The longer you wait to install solar power, the less credit you’ll get for excess energy. 

Cost Of Electricity in Arizona

The average household in Arizona pays $166 for electricity per month. That’s about 13 ȼ/kWh. If we look at 2021 rates, this is an increase of approximately 5%. The rate in 2021 was 12 ȼ/kWh.

While this is lower than the national average, doing a solar panel installation is still beneficial. The rates in Arizona will continue to rise. If you make the change, you won’t have to worry or be impacted by this.  

Climate, Weather, and Solar Irradiance In Arizona

Arizona is arid and scorching hot. It has a daily average temperature of 82°F. While this state gets some rain in specific regions, most are sunny and dry all year round.

Data on the weather in Arizona shows that this state receives 10 – 12 hours of daily sunlight during its warmest months which stretch from April to September. The most rain is expected in June. According to the first-mentioned data, the sun will still provide enough energy for solar power generation during its rainy season.  

Arizona averages a monthly Global Horizontal Irradiance (GHI) of almost 6 kWh/m2/day and a Direct Normal Irradiance (DNI) of over 7kWh/m2/day. These numbers put Arizona amongst the top states with the best solar irradiance levels. 

All three factors (climate, weather, and solar irradiance) indicated that Arizona homes are excellent candidates for solar system installations. 

Environmental Benefits of Switching to Solar In Arizona

When you use solar power, your actions directly benefit the environment. It may not feel like much, but every bit helps to create a cleaner, more sustainable future. 

The environmental benefits include:

  • A decrease in greenhouse gas emissions
  • Improved local air quality
  • Reduced water wastage

Arizona Solar Energy By The Numbers

The solar power numbers of Arizona are pretty impressive! According to the SEIA, this state has an installed capacity of 6,087 MW. It moved to 5th place after ranking 13th in 2021. 

There are currently about 243 installations that generate enough solar power to provide 953,394 homes with electricity. The total solar investments in Arizona amount to $15.6 billion. Prices in this state have fallen by 53% over the last decade. 

Bottom Line

Arizona’s high monthly electricity bills are likely due to how sunny this state is. If you’re guilty of keeping your cooling systems on full speed, switching to solar and using the sun to your advantage just makes sense. 

You’ll receive many benefits through incentives or rebates, and your financing options are broad. If you’re still on the fence, consider getting 3 or more quotes from local, regional, and national installers that service your area. Seeing the numbers will help you make the right moves!

Arizona Solar Energy Sources

Arizona Solar Incentives and Rebates 2022

This article explains how solar incentives and rebates work in Arizona.

Arizona Solar Panel Installation Costs 2022

You can read more about the estimated cost of going solar in Arizona in this article. 

The Climate in Arizona

This website gives an overview of the climate experienced in Arizona. 

SEIA: Arizona Solar

You can read more about solar power usage in Arizona on this page. 

Arizona state solar energy by the numbers

  • Solar Installed (MW): 6,087
  • National Ranking: 5th (13th in 2021)
  • Enough Solar Installed to Power: 953,394 homes
  • Percentage of State’s Electricity from Solar: 10%
  • Solar Jobs in AZ: 8278
  • Solar Companies in Arizona: 370 (76 Manufacturers, 150 Installers/Developers, 144 Others)
  • Number Of Installations: 243

Data current through Q3 2022

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