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Solar Panel Myths Debunked (October 2022 Update)

Last Modified on October 5, 2022 by Jon The demand for solar for homes is at an all-time high. Tax incentives and energy bill savings make the decision to go solar super easy. BUT… Despite solar being a no brainer for many homes, misinformation is being perpetuated about solar technologies.

What You Need to Know About Solar Plus Storage

Last Modified on October 4, 2022 by John Gathuita Solar energy is the most popular form of renewable power in the world, followed by wind and hydroelectric in a distant second and third. Although it’s useful for some small-scale applications, a large panel system with powerful batteries unlocks its full

Solar Roof Shingles: A Guide for Homeowners

Last Modified on August 20, 2022 by Staff Writer Solar shingles, also known as building-integrated photovoltaic shingles (BIPV), are a comparatively newer solar option than solar panels for homes, and they’re starting to go mainstream. You may also hear people talk about solar tiles. Tiles and shingles are interchangeable terms

Brooklyn Solarworks Review

Last Modified on June 24, 2022 by Staff Writer Brooklyn Solarworks has been a leader in the NYC solar scene for years – here is our take on their solar installations, customer service, and unique products for homes in the NYC. Overall, we highly recommend Brooklyn Solarworks. You can get

NYC Solar Energy Incentives and Rebates 2022

Going solar isn’t as expensive as you think if you know how to get your money back. Read this guide to get the most incentives for your solar panels in New York City. If you live in New York City and are thinking about going solar, 2022 is an excellent

Best Solar Companies in New York City 2022

Last Modified on July 8, 2022 by Staff WriterIn our analysis, these solar installers stood out for their customer service, knowledge of the NYC market, and install quality. When we researched solar for our home, we went way down the rabbit hole. I mean 80+ hours comparing solar companies, PV

Solar Chargers Increase Availability of Portable Solar Energy

Last Modified on May 22, 2022 by Staff Writer As the effects of manmade climate change become more apparent, humanity must quickly switch to more eco-friendly energy sources to sustain our population growth and take care of our planet. Solar chargers could prove invaluable to our sustainability efforts, making portable

How HOAs Can Encourage the Growth of Solar

Last Modified on April 25, 2022 by Staff Writer Homeowners Associations (HOAs) currently give input to 40 million households across the United States. Their primary role is to protect the property value of homes in a given area by regulating and maintaining curb appeal. HOAs opposed solar panels for many

New Solar-Charging EV Never Needs to Be Plugged in

Last Modified on April 3, 2022 by Staff Writer Tesla revolutionized the mainstream market in 2016 when it released the Model 3 sedan. The electric vehicle (EV) has a similar travel range to gas-powered cars. It also produces zero tailpipe emissions, which appeals to eco-consumers. Environmentalists identified the sustainability limitations

Understanding How Solar-Powered Air Conditioning Works

Last Modified on February 17, 2022 by Staff Writer The sustainability sector is influencing residential and commercial construction. More builders are meeting eco-consumers’ demands by installing energy-efficient appliances. At the same time, building designers are targeting greenhouse gas emissions by utilizing solar-power air conditioners. The top emission-producing building features are