15 Ideas for Decorating Your Patio Using Solar

As a homeowner, you want something that stands out and makes your home look cozy and picture-perfect. If you use your deck often, having lights is necessary, especially for those later nights when you want to sit outside and listen to the calming sounds of birds and insects humming.

In addition to your furnishings and decor, you should add solar panels and lights! They’re a great way to give your patio space a warm and inviting atmosphere. Plus, solar lights come in many varieties, so you’re bound to find something that goes with your unique style. Solar lights and panels are a cost-effective way to brighten your patio area.

Here are 15 ideas for decorating your patio using solar panels and lights to take your outdoor living space to the next level this summer.

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15 Ideas for Decorating Your Patio Using Solar Energy

Solar Wall Hangings

If your patio area is adjacent to your house’s wall or a fence, you can use solar wall hangings to light up the space. Solar wall hangings come in so many different shapes and sizes. For nature lovers, you can get metal ones shaped like insects or flowers. If your home design reflects the ocean, hang some that look like seashells.

The wall hangings include small solar panels that charge the lights. They turn on at night automatically to create a whimsical atmosphere.

Outdoor String Lights

Outdoor string lights never go out of style. You can get lights that have larger bulbs or ones that look like fairy lights. String solar-operated lights from your patio for a delicate glow all summer long. You can even create a curtain or wall of string lights.

Choose solar lights that recharge during the day in the sun. Since they’re operated by solar power, you’ll be able to save money on energy even if you keep them up year-round. If you want to further the string light look, you can get ones that change colors to give off a party atmosphere!

Solar Panels as a Roof Cover

Have you been thinking about putting a new roof over your patio or adding a roof covering to your patio space? Solar panels make for a great alternative to shingles or metal roofing. Traditional roofing needs to be inspected often, especially if you live in an area with storms that can cause damage.

Solar panels are often quite structurally sound, and by having an entire patio roof dedicated to solar power, you can use the generated electricity to power your home. It’s a two-in-one win for homeowners.

Potted Solar Plants

Solar plants are a great decoration idea for your patio. They are faux potted plants that are dotted with tiny solar lights. These are an excellent idea for homeowners who maybe don’t have the best green thumb. The plants look natural, and they add a light source to your patio.

Although the solar lights will add warmth to your patio at night, the greenery that comes with it adds brightness and a natural feel to your home during the day.

Lighted Solar Paths

Many homeowners add paths leading up to their patio. If that’s the case for you, you can install lighted solar paths. Gather some solar lights to stick into the ground, and place them along a brick or stone walkway. This enhances the safety of your backyard area because it provides light for people to walk by.

Additionally, you can add solar lights around your patio area, creating an uplighting effect on your outdoor living area.

Mason Jar Lanterns

Have some mason jars around your home? Upgrade them to mason jar lanterns! Purchase fairy lights or single solar light bulbs, place them in mason jars, and use them as decor around your patio. You can hang them up under the patio roof or set them on tables.

It’s a fun do-it-yourself project, too. They add a rustic feel to your patio and are a great way to recycle a glass jar.

Solar Decor With Pest Control

Some solar decor comes with built-in pest control. If you need another way to eliminate the pests that enter your patio, then solar decor with pest control is for you! Some solar decor looks like predators such as chameleons or owls. They charge from the sun’s rays, and at night, they scare off pests.

Other solar pest control methods include an ultrasonic noise producer. These also ward off critters to keep your patio pest-free.

Solar Fountain Pump

Solar panels and water combine to make a bird-friendly decor item for your patio. A solar fountain pump uses energy generated from small solar panels to pump out the water in a fountain formation.

This adds a simple water feature to your patio, and it invites birds to bathe in it. You could also use it as a small garden pond, adding your favorite colorful stones and ceramic decor inside of it. Additionally, get a few pumps to create a calming waterfall for a relaxing water feature right on your patio.

Solar Panel Flower Design

Did you know that you can place solar panels in your own design? It takes a bit of work, but instead of solar panels simply sitting on your patio roof, you can create an intricate flower design. Ask the installation crew to develop solar panels that can form together to create a flower design or another abstract design.

This will add a unique element to your patio. Plus, you’ll gain the many benefits that come with using solar panels to power your home or simply the electrical components on your deck.

Solar Chandeliers

To elevate your patio space, create solar chandeliers! You can make your own chandelier by flipping over a wire basket and adding gems and lights. Or you can purchase a chandelier and power it using small solar lights and panels.

Chandeliers add a touch of elegance to your patio. You can host lovely dinner parties under the chandelier. The lights charge from solar panels, and at night, the chandelier will turn on to provide you with an elegant and romantic lighting experience.

Tiered Planters With Solar Lights

Another great decor idea for your patio is to create tiered planters using terracotta pots. Stack them to create a tiered effect and plant your favorite greenery or flowers in them. Then, simply add a few solar lights.

The solar lights can be fairy lights or solar lights on stakes. Either works well. The lights will illuminate your plants, and it will be a fun addition to your patio space.

Glass-Blown Solar Light

Glass-blown art is an incredible way to amp up your patio. The glass stretches into an orb, and when you place a solar light inside, it will light up the space. Plus, you can get glass-blown orbs in many different colors, creating a rainbow lighting experience on your patio! It’s a magical element to add to your deck.

Besides orbs, you can get glass fixtures in other shapes, too, to match your style. It’s a creative way to add decorations to your patio, and you won’t have to worry about changing batteries or plugging it in, since the solar lights will charge during the day using the sun’s rays.

Cedar Light Holders

You can transform extra wood or even stumps into lighting fixtures or holders. If you have a few logs or pieces of wood, sand them down and drill a hole in the top to create solar light holders. Cedar is a beautiful wood for this particular decoration, but use whatever wood you have.

Cut your wood pieces at varying heights to give a tiered look to the decor. You can even tie a few of them together with burlap string for a rustic look. Or you can secure a rope around it for lake or beach vibes!

Painted Hanging Solar Bottle Lights

Another DIY project to do with solar lights is painted hanging solar bottle lights. Simply take old glass bottles, like wine or soda bottles, wash them out, paint a design on them, and add a solar light inside. You can use single bulbs or fairy lights.

Then, hang them around the perimeter of your patio or use them as tabletop decorations. At night, the design will dance in the light from the solar bulbs. These are a great way to add your artistic skills to your outdoor area. Plus, you can have your kids join in on the painting fun!

Floral or Mushroom Solar Lights

Finally, floral and mushroom solar lights added to your patio or around your deck would make for fun summer decorations. They can light up your space and look cute with all of your plants and other patio decorations. 

You can find these or make your own in a variety of shapes and colors. Create a small mushroom or flower patch to look like a fairy garden or stick a few flowers into some potted greenery.

Light Up Your Patio With Solar Panels and Lights

Which one of these creative decorating ideas will you use this summer? Solar is an efficient, eco-friendly, and cost-effective way to take any outdoor space and elevate it into a glowing atmosphere.


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