The Best Solar Garden Lights

Solar garden lights are an amazing option to light up your walkway, patio, or backyard. These 11 simple-to-install, cost-effective little powerhouses will wow your guests as they illuminate your outdoor space. 

However, not all solar garden lights are created equally. With hundreds of options available on the market, it can be difficult to know which ones are the best solar garden lights for your home. 

The good news is, whether you’re looking to add a bit of ambiance, spruce up the decor, light up a backyard BBQ, or add some pizzazz to your backyard décor – there’s a solar garden light to fit the bill. 

Let’s jump into all things solar garden lights so you can find the best solar garden lights for you. 

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    Why Solar Garden Lights?

    You might be wondering why solar garden lights instead of traditional garden lights. Here are a few solar powered garden light benefits: 

    Solar garden lights are good for the environment.

    If sustainability and “going green” is important to you, solar garden lights are a fantastic way to reduce your carbon footprint. By choosing to use a renewable energy light versus lights that relies on using energy from non-renewable sources, you’re doing your part to reduce your carbon footprint.  

    Solar garden lights have an unlimited power supply.  

    Solar garden lights are powered by the sun, so their power is unlimited. This means no unnecessary wires. Plus, because they power themselves, they’re much easier to maintain.  

    Solar Lights are cost-effective.  

    Solar lights help you cut back on energy costs in the long run. Rather than paying your electric company to keep your outdoor space illuminated, you get to light up your area for free. You also save money on buying bulbs, because long-lasting LED bulbs power many solar lights.  

    Solar powered garden lights have an array of design options. 

    You aren’t limited when it comes to design. Since there’s no wire or power source to take into consideration, there’s a wide range of unique solar garden lights on the market. There are: 

    • Decorative Solar Garden Lights
    • Solar LED Garden Lights
    • Hanging Solar Garden Lights
    • Solar Garden Stake Lights
    • Solar Garden Path Lights
    • Solar Christmas Lights
    • And More. 

    Solar garden lights are safer than traditional lights. 

    There are no wires, which means no tripping hazards. Solar lights ensure that you always have a lit outdoor space, making walking or being outside at nighttime much safer. Plus, no electrical wiring reduces the risk of fires and eliminates electric wire hazards for small children.  

    Solar garden lights are easy to install

    Outdoor solar lights are generally simple to install. Most solar garden lights require just a few minutes of assembling a fixture, and then you’re good to go. Beyond that, once they’re in place, they run on their own. Most don’t require any user input, and if they do, it’s usually just a simple on-off switch. 

    No matter your degree of technical skill – solar garden lights are easy to install and use. 

    Solar Garden Light Features 

    Every solar garden light comes with its own set of features. Many features deal with the design of the light; however, some features deal with functionality and longevity. The following features are common elements to check for and consider when shopping for solar garden lights for your outdoor space.  

    • Waterproof – Is the light waterproof? 
    • Heatproof – Does the light stand up well in the heat? 
    • Battery Life – How long does a full battery last? 
    • Rust Resistance – Does the fixture resist rust? 
    • LED Bulbs – Does the light use LED bulbs or filament bulbs? (LED is brighter, whereas filament is generally more atmospheric). 
    • Durability – How durable is the fixture? 

    Where Should I Put My Solar Powered Garden Lights? 

    Just because they’re called “garden lights” doesn’t mean you can only put them in your garden. Solar powered garden lights are a fantastic lighting option for:

    • Gardens
    • Walkways
    • Patios
    • Backyards
    • Trees
    • Front Yards
    • Around the Pool
    • In Potted Plants
    • As Decorative Features Throughout Your Outdoor Space

    Types of Garden Lights 

    There are essentially three types of garden lights: 

    1. Garden lights for ambiance and decoration. 
    2. Garden lights for function and illumination. 
    3. Garden lights that are for both décor and function. 

    Within these spectrums, there are spike lights (which are lights mounted on spikes that are pushed into the ground), spotlights, wall lights, bollard lights, floodlights, inground lights, candle lights, lantern lights, string lights, hanging lights, deck lighting, and more. 

    Generally speaking, if there’s a standard garden light version, there is a solar light alternative available.  

    Not sure which one is right for you? Here is our list of the 11 best solar garden lights to fit all your illumination needs. 

    The 11 Best Solar Garden Lights 

    There are so many different types of garden lights on the market, so we’ve broken our list by a few different types, and then chose our favorite(s) for each type: : 

    Solar Landscaping Lights

    Solar Pathway Lights

     1. Solpex Solar Garden Lights

    These cute and functional solar pathway lights would be perfect in any backyard. Backed by an average 4.5-star rating on Amazon, these little lights come with a warm lighting effect, powder coating, and a unique window-shaped lampshade design.

    These lamps last around eight hours on a full charge, so you’ll never have to worry about them burning out in the middle of a get-together.

    How to Install Solar Garden Lights

    Installing your solar garden lights depends on the type of light you get. However, typically, they’re incredibly straightforward to install. 

    Usually, you assemble the fixture. Then, you just put the light where you want it. That’s it! No extra wiring is required, so it’s really that straightforward.  


    The best solar light for you depends on your needs. If you want a bright light, be sure to go with an LED solar garden light. If you want an ambient option, opt for a solar light that uses the standard filament bulbs.

    A fully charged solar light will usually stay fully illuminated for six hours or more. The light itself generally lasts around three to four years, though some durable solar lights can last much longer.

    There are a few standard tips to try

    1. Ensure that the light is turned on. 
    2. Make sure that the light is getting sun. If your light has an adjustable solar panel, try adjusting the angle. 
    3. Clean the solar panel in the garden light. 
    4. Turn the light off for a few days to allow the light extra time to charge. 
    5. Consult the manufacturer if these quick fixes don’t do the trick. 

    We think so! As long as you choose a high-quality light with good reviews, you can reap the benefits of a low-maintenance, sun-powered light. They’re cost-effective, eco-friendly, charming, safe, and easy-to-install.

    Which solar garden light are you going to choose? 

    With so many options, it can be difficult to get started. We recommend buying one of a few different options rather than purchasing them in bulk right away. Doing so allows you to test a few choices before taking the plunge. 

    Here are our top 11 again. Click around, read reviews, and choose a few and you’re one step away from totally transforming your outdoor space.