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    Over the past few years, the popularity of solar energy has been increasing all over the world. The Science Magazine estimates that by 2022–2023, an additional PV capacity of 500 GW will be installed globally. Going solar has become cheaper too. In fact, the average price of solar electrical systems has reduced by half from 2010.

    Moreover, the wide range of products available today makes it easier for everyone to opt for clean, sustainable energy sources. You can start with things in your house. From phone chargers to pool heating, there are plenty of choices in solar products for home use. Here’s a look at a few top solar products that are a must in every home.

    All Season Solar Cooker Camper

    Solar cookers are an excellent way of reducing your dependence on traditional energy sources. The one from SolCook is designed to capture the sun’s rays all day long, thus giving you as many hours of cooking as the sun shines. And all this without having to spend a penny on gas or electricity.

    Using this cooker, you can make various dishes, dehydrate vegetables, and do a lot more without having to physically stand near it and cook, unlike with a gas stove. The panel-type large cooking area lets you use big pots and pans to get the cooking done in considerable quantities. At the same time, the lightweight material makes the cooker easily portable – making it perfect for camping trips and home use alike.

    All Season Solar Cooker Camper

    Amtrak Solar’s 40-Watt Solar Attic Fan

    This solar-powered fan can be used in attics, garages, gable vents, RVs, and even in greenhouses. The 40-watt fan works efficiently to keep the area ventilated all day without you having to worry about escalated utility bills. The easy-setup design eliminates the need for electricians, and installing it behind a gable vent means that you also do not need to make a hole on the roof.

    Since the fan runs on solar energy, it will automatically turn on whenever it gets sunny. So there is no issue of having to switch it on manually- your house or garage will be cooled down whenever the temperature rises outside. The fan produces minimal noise, making it ideal for your home.

    URPOWER Outdoor Solar Lights

    Lighting up your deck/garden area or driveway does not have to feel like a waste of energy and money anymore. These water-resistant outdoor solar lights are equipped with motion sensors. The sensors activate a “bright light” feature automatically when people approach and dim at other times, which saves power.

    There is no wiring necessary to install these lights as they come with easy-to-use screws that can be placed on any wall. The device charges automatically during the day and can run for approximately 12 hours after a full charge.

    Sunbank Solar 40 Gallon Solar Water Heater

    Every household needs regular water heating, and going solar for this can bring down your bills by around 50%–80%. This 40-gallon water heater is ideal for small families. With no pumps or moving parts, the heater is simple enough to install it yourself. The heater can be flush mounted, or you can modify its back leg assembly to prop it up at a suitable angle.

    The heater is certified by the Solar Rating & Certification Corporation (SRCC), which speaks for the quality of the product. Moreover, it also qualifies for 30% Federal Tax Credit and local rebates.

    Creative Edge Solar Charger

    A mobile phone charger is one of the most indispensable items today, making the solar charger one of the must-have solar energy products for the home. The 5,000 mAh lithium polymer batteries are powerful enough to efficiently charge your phone, tablets, and other compatible USB-Charged devices. The LED indicator lights let you know how much power is left on the device, so you know when to charge it next.

    The Solar-5 panel on this portable charger/power bank is excellent for emergencies since you can simply harness the power of the sun while outdoors. You are only required to clip in on your backpack or leave it near a window, and then use it to keep your gadgets charged.  

    Goal Zero Yeti 150 Portable Power Station

    This portable 150 WH solar generator is one of the best solar products for homes. The solar panels (sold separately) on the compact generator are easy to use anytime and anywhere. For instance, you can conveniently carry it in your car, while camping, and so on. Moreover, the use of solar power makes the generator free of noise and harmful exhaust fumes.

    The power station uses the sun’s energy that you can later use for charging your laptop, smartphone, and more. The display panel on the front gives you updates about the battery status for better power management.


    Making the switch to renewable energy sources is increasingly important. Choosing solar products for homes over traditional fossil fuel-based ones is an easy way to start. It is important to remember that no step is too small, so be part of the clean energy revolution by choosing solar products.


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