The Best Solar String Lights For Your Home

The use of solar energy for lighting and for powering appliances has increased significantly over the last decade. However, in recent years, homeowners have realized that they can use solar energy for decoration purposes in addition to the common uses. How? This is by installing solar-powered string lights in various spaces in their homes.

Solar string lights have many small bulbs that are linked together with a cable. The design of these bulbs and the color vary depending on the manufacturer. The lights draw power from a battery that is charged using solar energy. 

Finding the best indoor and outdoor solar-powered string lights can be a challenge, given the many brands in the market. That is why we researched the top products to help you find the perfect solar string lights easily. Here are ten that you should consider.

Top 10 Solar String Lights
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    Sunapex Solar String Lights 

    If you are looking for hanging outdoor solar lights for your home, then you should consider Sunapex solar string lights. 

    The lights are perfect for your backyard, pavilion, and your garden. This is because they have a soft amber light and has a length of 327 ft. The qualities allow the solar-powered string lights to provide enough light for outdoor activities like parties while decorating your home.  

    More Features and Benefits 

    • It turns on and off automatically
    • Weather-proof
    • It has four lighting modes; steady, fast flashing, slow flashing, and continuous flashing
    • Bulbs are shutter-proof 
    • Sturdy and flexible cable 
    • Last up to 7 hours when fully charged
    • Can run for three days during rainy and cloudy days

    Lijun Solar String Lights 

    If you are looking for solar LED string lights that are easy to install, you should choose Lijun lights. All you need is to push the stake into the ground or mount the brackets on the wall. The bulbs are also detachable, which also means you can replace them easily.  

    One of the qualities that make the solar product unique is that it can be charged with another power source when there is insufficient sunlight. 

    The product comes with a two-year warranty, which is an indication that they are designed to last longer than many other outdoor solar string lights.

    More Features and Benefits 

    • The lights auto turn on and off
    • It illuminates for 8 hours and can last for three days
    • It has four lighting modes to suit your mood
    • Has 17 dimmable LED bulbs
    • Designed to withstand harsh weather 
    • A length of 50 ft

    BesLowe Dimmable String Lights 

    The solar string lights are among the most advanced in the market. The lights come with two remotes that you can use for several functions. 

    First, the remotes turn the lights on and off. You will find this helpful during cloudy and rainy days. This is because you can switch the lights off when going to sleep to save power for the next day should it fail to charge fully.

    Second, the remotes can dim the lights and switch to the various lighting modes.  The remotes function for a distance of 49 ft. This means you can easily control the lights from almost anywhere in your home.   

    More Features and Benefits 

    • Solar-powered and USB rechargeable
    • Designed for both indoor and outdoor spaces
    • Operates for up to 12 hours when fully charged
    • USB rechargeable
    • Weather-resistant 

    Brightech Ambience Pro Solar String Lights 

    If you like hosting parties in your home to celebrate your family members and friends, you should buy Brightech ambience lights. This is because they are good for creating the best atmosphere in outdoor spaces such as your patio. The warm and cozy lighting they provide is sufficient for party activities such as grilling and eating. 

    However, you can still install them even if you don’t like hosting parties. They will help make your home beautiful by decorating outdoor spaces in addition to providing sufficient lighting at night.

    More features and benefits 

    • It comes with shatterproof bulbs
    • Weather-resistant
    • Produce a 3000k warm white light
    • Charges with both direct and indirect sunlight 
    • It has a length of 27ft

    Minetom Solar String Lights 

    The lights come with a 4.3’’ by 7.5’’ panel with a 180o adjustable angle. This allows you to adjust the panel during the day depending on the sun’s position for maximum sunlight. 

    In addition to using solar energy, the lights can be charged with a secondary power source. The feature means you can buy the lights regardless of the amount of sunlight your area receives in a year. 

    More features and benefits

    • It runs for up to 12 hours when fully charged
    • Has shatterproof bulbs
    • It comes with 30 lumens white LED bulbs
    • Strong industrial cords
    • It has four lighting modes

    Twinkle Star Solar String Lights

    The lights are perfect for the festive season because they emit light in three different colors: red, blue, and white. The colors allow you to set the festive mood around your home so that you are not left behind. 

    The lights come with a flexible cable that makes it easy to install and shape the lights the way you like. 

    Twinkle star solar string lights also come with a memory function. This ensures the lights remember the last lighting mode when turned on. 

    More features and benefits

    • Eight lighting modes- combination, sequential, waves, slow fade, slog lo, flash, twinkle, and steady
    • Last up to 14 hours when fully charged
    • A total length of 108ft 
    • Weather-proof 
    • It turns on automatically at night

    Albelt Star Solar String Lights 

    If you are looking for solar-powered lights with a different look, consider Albelt star solar string lights. As the name suggests, the lights are star-shaped, giving them a different look, unlike traditional bulbs.  

    The design gives you the freedom to install the light where you want in your home. For example, you can put it in your backyard, trees, or even on the fence. 

    The product comes with a large solar panel compared to other solar string lights. Furthermore, it comes with a larger capacity in-built battery. The combination ensures the product converts most of the sunlight and stores more of the energy. That is why it lasts for 12 hours when fully charged. 

    More features and benefits

    • It has eight lighting modes and a memory function 
    • Super bright light
    • Charges in less time of between 4-6 hours
    • It turns on and off automatically
    • Weather-resistant 

    Shinymolly Dragonfly Solar String Lights

    The solar-powered string lights have one of the most unique and attractive designs. This is because the lights resemble a dragonfly, which emits different colors that include blue, red, and yellow. 

    The multicolored dragonfly-like solar string lights are, therefore, suitable for decorating outdoor spaces around your home. Since they resemble a dragonfly, they are perfect for trees and bushes in your garden.

    More features and benefits

    • Has a sensor that controls charging during the day and power on
    • Support 8 different lighting modes
    • Lights 1-2 hours on dim during cloudy days
    • It lasts up to 12 hours when fully charged
    • Weather-proof 

    JMEXSUSS Solar Outdoor String Lights

    The bulbs of this product look like and are inspired by a natural element which is a water drop. This gives them a vivid and beautiful look compared to most solar string lights. If you are, therefore, fascinated by nature, then should you buy this product. 

    The lights are smart photosensitive, where they light up in a dark place and switch off when placed under bright light. This plays a crucial role in preserving energy, especially during cloudy days. 

    More features and benefits

    • It comes with a durable 600mAh battery 
    • It has eight different lighting modes
    • Designed with 30 LED multicolor bulbs
    • Safe to touch, which reduces risk to children and pets

    VICSOU Solar Powered String Lights

    The lights are among the most durable solar string lights in the market. This is made possible by the flexible PVC tube cover. The tube provides the bulbs with protection from external factors such as heavy rain and snow. The strong covering also helps protect children and pets against electrocution by ensuring there are no naked wires and other live points. 

    The product also emits light with different colors. This makes it perfect for decorating your home during an event or during the festive season. 

    More features and benefits

    • Lights or longer period of up to 12 hours
    • Suitable for indoor and outdoor spaces
    • It has eight different lighting modes
    • Easy to install

    The Takeaway

    Solar-powered string lights are perfect for your home. This is because, in addition to providing enough light at night, they also decorate your home. Furthermore, you enjoy these benefits at no extra cost since the lights depend on solar energy. 

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