Best Solar Panel Backpacks

Reducing dependency on fossil fuels and opting for natural energy sources are necessary steps for the betterment of the planet and the human race. While installing a solar system on your property is a recommended step, you can also start small by switching to a solar panel backpack. With such bags, you can use the sun’s energy every time you are outdoors, and use it to keep all your devices charged.

There are several options in solar panel backpacks out there today, so we have listed the best ones to help make a choice easier for you:

ECEEN Solar Backpack

A 7-watt solar panel of 22% transfer efficiency makes this backpack powerful enough to charge your smartphone, Bluetooth speaker, and external battery packs, among other devices. With a 5V USB port and one Micro USB cable included, the ECEEN backpack is perfect for when you need to stay charged when hiking, camping, or biking. Moreover, the 42-liter capacity and various compartments give you sufficient space for everything you would need to carry. The lightweight backpack also offers durability with its water- and rip-resistant fabric.

ECEEN Solar Backpack

Voltaic Systems Array Backpack

Eco-warriors love this backpack for being solar and built from recycled materials to boot. The Voltaic Backpack packs a punch with a durable 5-watt ETFE solar panel for the rapid charging of phones, tablets, and camera batteries. There is a 4,000mAh removable backup battery to store solar power. In addition, the 15V Battery provides regulated, consistent power to your devices. The backpack is designed to carry a laptop and other electronics without compromising on its compact look. Being FAA Compliant (carry-on luggage), the backpack is perfect for frequent travelers.


This backpack, equipped with a 5-watt solar panel and 10,000mAh battery to power smartphones and tablets, is ideal for regular use, short trips, and even for school. The removable solar panel on the backpack makes it convenient for users to direct the panel towards the sun and also wash the bag. The 27-liter storage provides plenty of space for your gadgets and essentials, while the waterproof material keeps everything protected.

XTPower Hiking Backpack

Ideal for outdoor activities and regular uses alike, this spacious 7-watt solar backpack from XTPower has removable solar cells that are sewn firmly into a PVC cover, with clips for fastening it onto the backpack. You can charge your devices using the 6V 1.1 A USB output after letting the cells store power from the sun as you go about your day. The lightweight design makes the backpack comfortable for long hours of use, while the sturdy material and scratch-resistant surface keep the cells in good condition.

SUNNYBAG Explorer+ Backpack with Solar Panel

The SUNNYBAG backpack comes with a 6-watt detachable solar panel that can charge your smartphone in just two hours. The integrated USB port can also be used to charge power banks, cameras, tablets, wearables, and other mobile devices. This backpack comes with 100% certified solar panels, so rest assured about the quality. The 15-liter volume and light, sturdy material make this backpack convenient for regular use.

Fanspack Oxford Laptop Backpack

Crafted from Oxford cloth and fitted with a 5.3-watt solar panel, the Fanspack solar backpack scores high when it comes to both quality and efficiency. You can use the USB interface to charge your power bank or other gadgets and thus never face battery issues when traveling, camping, or at school. The bag is spacious enough to carry a laptop and other items, while the anti-theft back pocket is perfect for carrying any valuables.

Birksun Solar Backpack

A built-in 3,000mAh Li-Ion battery, 2.4amps power output that can charge your smartphone in a couple of hours, and a waterproof solar panel, are a few highlights of the Birksun backpack. Moreover, the bag is TSA-approved, which makes it perfect for both domestic and international travel. Complete with high-quality material and a neat look, this product ticks all the boxes for an excellent solar backpack.

FARAZ Solar Backpack

An external USB port, 6-watt solar panels for charging small gadgets, anti-theft protection, and stylish design make this backpack ideal for business and school alike. The lightweight material is excellent for long periods of usage, while the various compartments make it convenient to store all your devices and essentials in a clutter-free manner. You can also use a USB hub to charge multiple gadgets simultaneously.

EnerPlex Packr Executive Backpack

The EnerPlex backpack features a flexible, lightweight 3-watt solar panel to charge smartphones, cameras, and more within a few hours. Its cushioned, adjustable shoulder straps and convenient compartments, including laptop sleeves, make the backpack ideal for all-day use at work or school. At the same time, the rugged built and water-resistant solar panel means that you can carry this backpack during outdoor trips, too.


The choices are plenty when it comes to solar backpacks. Think about factors like budget, weight, size, and your specific usage to pick just the right one for you.

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