Top Solar Energy Gadgets To Watch For In 2023

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    We all love gadgets. They’re useful, nifty little machines that make our lives easier, plus they are usually ingenious per se. But what if we could find devices that are fueled by our planet’s life source? This is none other but solar gadgets. They are the new way of using the best that technology has to offer while also helping the planet.

    The devices are on the rise and are here to stay. Here are the best solar gadgets for 2023 that we think you should bring home.

    Solar Hat That Charges

    How splendid is a hat that protects your face from the sun and then uses the sun’s energy to power your phone? SOLSOL created this innovative fashion gadget formed by five panels and 100% Cotton Snapback Flat Brim Hat.


    It charges not only iPhones but also Samsung Galaxy, LG, and other smartphones. It also charges other 5 Volt smart devices such as iPod, iPads, GoPros, Bluetooth headphones and speakers, and power banks, among others. Thus, for about $75, you can afford to forget your charger on a sunny day.

    SOLSOL Snapback Hat Collection 2.0, The Solar Hat That Charges

    AMIR Solar Powered String Lights

    For those warm spring and summer nights (or all-year-round for a unique decor), nothing better than introducing the poetry of the party: lighting. Let 100 warm white LED lights brighten your evening.


    The AMIR has a solar panel that is connected to a 33 ft of copper wire. The string has 100 LED lights that illuminate in all directions, making the product perfect for the garden, patio, and backyard.

    Smart Bike lock

    Millennials, rejoice! At last, we found a device that keeps your mode of transportation safe but also takes advantage of the glorious rays of the sun. This gadget isn’t your average bike lock; it’s a smart lock that connects to your phone via Bluetooth to unlock your bike as you are nearing. It also alerts theft threats and even lets others in your network know.

    This lock sounds like the perfect gift for any bike enthusiast that you may know.

    Logitech Solar Wireless Keyboard

    If you enjoy working al fresco, then think no further: you need this solar-powered gadget. It was one of our favorite gadgets in 2022, and it made the cut again this year.


    It has a stylish design and durable charge of up to three months without seeing the light of day. Hence, the Logitech Solar Wireless Keyboard will render your working experience all the more productive without the worry of plugging in. The gadget is compatible with Mac.

    Birksun Solar Backpack

    Many solar backpacks grace our sun-kissed planet, but very few of them are fine pieces of design. The Birksun is simple and elegant yet fresh in appearance, making it one of the best solar gadgets in the market.


    You can use it to charge your laptop, tablet, or phone while simply breezing through a sunny day.


    According to their website, a Birksun will charge your device at the same speed as a wall outlet. Also, for every three minutes, the panel receives direct sunlight, its battery will generate the equivalent of 1% smartphone battery power.

    Sunport Solar Plug

    This solar gadget is entirely self-explanatory. It is a device used exclusively to demand the use of solar power.

    Solar panels can be costly, but we don’t have to own them to enjoy their benefits. Sunport had the brilliant idea of creating this device to demand units of solar power to nourish our homes, be that for light use (a laptop), medium use (a refrigerator), or even heavy use (a small or medium A/C).

    You decide where and how much energy you want. The device then measures the units used and then validates them as solar power.

    At a very affordable cost of $50.00, the Sunport Solar Plug is the end of excuses for not helping to save the planet through the use of solar energy.

    Eton Rukus Solar-Powered Bluetooth Speaker

    If you’re looking for a water-resistant gadget that will play music and charge your phone, look no further. The Eton Rukus speaker can play music for eight straight hours after being fully charged. Get that eco-friendly party started.

    Solar Window Charger

    This slick solar energy gadget is the best way to make the most of a sunny day, even if you can’t be outside.

    You can stick the charger to the window, and the exciting part is that it is aesthetically pleasing. Who said nature-lovers were not chic?!



    Using the sun to fuel our everyday life is simpler than you can imagine, thanks to solar gadgets. Whether you’re a tech wiz or a design buff, we can all agree that using these devices is also one of the easiest ways to save the planet.

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