Solar Energy’s financial impact is wide-reaching. From the costs of installation to the economic impact of solar on a global scale, in this section, we talk about all things money-related.

Solar Panel Installation Costs NJ

New Jersey Solar Panel Installation Costs 2019

When you start researching solar panel costs in New Jersey, it gets overwhelming very quickly. Solar installation costs vary from company to company, and when …

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Net metering PA

Solar panel waste: Could leasing be the answer?

Following the first wave of popularity in solar power technology in the late 1990s and early 2000s, we are now faced with the daunting prospect …

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Money, Power, and Influence: Inside the Fossil Fuel Industry’s Attempts to Undermine Solar Energy in the US

Renewable energy is wildly popular. More than 80 cities, five counties, and two states have committed to 100 percent renewable energy. Over 150 private companies …

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solar energy in your home

Ways to Leverage Solar Energy in Your Home Even If You Can’t Afford Panels

Using solar energy in your home is possible. Nowadays, with global concerns of high electricity costs and environmental degradation, renewable energy is looking like a …

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How US Schools Are Taking Advantage of Solar Energy.

President Trump’s most recent proposed budget cuts include cutting 14% from the Department of Education.   Those cuts will result in eliminating many of the most important elements …

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investing in solar energy

Why Solar Energy Is The Best Investment For Your Family

There are a lot of good reasons for investing in solar energy for your home.   Many of those reasons will directly benefit your own family.  It will …

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