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Recent investments in renewable energy and provisions to the nation’s solar tax credit have sparked increasing interest in solar panel installations across the United States.

According to the U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA), residential solar panel installations rose 23% from 2020 to 2021, totaling over 3.9 gigawatts (GW) of photovoltaic (PV) capacity in 2021 – up from 2.9 GW in 2020.

The Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA) also highlights that U.S. solar reached a milestone in setting its fifth-straight record in the second quarter of 2022.

Naturally, when homeowners decide to install solar panels, they want to buy from the best company in the game. SunPower is perhaps the most efficient and well-known solar brand on the market, founded in 1985 before solar became as popular as it is today.

Those who want to reduce their energy consumption and lower their electricity bills should consider working with the leading U.S. solar company, SunPower. This guide will explain how to get a SunPower solar panel quote for a high-performance solar system for your home.

Get a Quote for SunPower Solar Panels

Getting a quote from SunPower for a home solar system is fast and easy, with two options available.

The first option allows homeowners to enter their addresses in SunPower’s Design Studio. This will result in a rendering of their home and the recommended number of solar panels for their rooftops.

The second option delivers a far more accurate quote by matching homeowners to an authorized SunPower dealer with the expertise to customize their home’s solar panel system to fit their needs. Dealers survey the home’s square footage and allotted space for installing SunPower solar panels.

They’ll also ask homeowners about their typical energy consumption and factor in how future plans might dictate further energy use. These discussions allow them to offer a fresh perspective on customers’ energy habits and deliver individualized solar solutions to meet their residential energy needs.

Of course, solar panels are an expensive investment. Homeowners should check their state eligibility for solar incentives and tax credits to make installing solar panels more affordable.

SunPower Solar Panel Price

SunPower uses high-efficiency Maxeon solar panels, considered a premium product on the solar market. Therefore, homeowners should expect to pay more for superior solar panels.

When going solar, many are often willing to budget for SunPower solar panels for their top-notch power output rating, power tolerance, and exceptional 25-year product and performance warranties.

Although all solar products undergo some degradation, the National Renewable Energy Laboratory found that SunPower solar panels degrade at 0.2% annually, about 70% less than other solar panel brands.

Although SunPower doesn’t include a list of prices on its website, MarketWatch estimates SunPower solar panels cost between $19,800 and $22,440 for a standard solar system.

Estimates are based on EnergySage’s calculations of $3.30 per watt for Maxeon panels. However, homeowners often pay less upfront due to various solar rebates and incentives.

SunPower Installers

SunPower maintains a reputable network of the best solar panel dealers and certified solar installers in every state that get thoroughly vetted to ensure optimal product grade and customer service.

These solar panel experts are proficient in designing and permitting procedures, processing credits and rebates, and maintaining panel systems — homeowners should have their panels cleaned throughout the year to ensure optimal performance efficiency.

SunPower solar panel installer

SunPower also has a list of Master Dealers they partner with who’ve met stringent criteria for solar installation, expertise in local jurisdictions, permitting and customer satisfaction. The handful of dealers that meet these standards only receive their status by invitation.

So far, Master Dealers are located in 16 states, including Arizona, Texas, Connecticut, New York, and California. As one of the nation’s leaders in renewable energy, California boasts 25 of SunPower’s Master Dealers, many of which are found near major cities like San Jose, San Diego and Bakersfield.

Homeowners can connect with an authorized solar installer for a custom quote to determine the costs and benefits of installing a SunPower solar panel system.

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SunPower vs. Sunrun

Homeowners have several options for purchasing solar panels for their homes, including SunPower’s top competitor, Sunrun. However, homeowners should be aware of a few key distinctions that can affect the performance of the installed solar system.

While both brands install panels with high power tolerance and overall efficiency, SunPower offers more efficient solar panels compared to Sunrun. For perspective, Sunrun’s panels have a 15% to 20% efficiency rating and can achieve an output of 230 watts. Conversely, SunPower panels have a 23% efficiency rating, reaching nearly 500 watts.

Sunrun also operates differently than SunPower by allowing most customers to lease solar panels monthly, enabling homeowners to acquire energy savings without the upfront installation costs.

Unlike SunPower, Sunrun doesn’t have a specific manufacturer, instead utilizing various suppliers to provide its equipment. Unfortunately, homeowners won’t know what type of solar system they’re receiving until they’ve signed the agreement and made their purchase. This makes it difficult for them to know whether or not they’re receiving the best solar panels.

Sunrun also offers a 10-year workmanship warranty to address issues and roofing damage during the installation of solar systems. However, their contract provides significantly less than SunPower’s 25-year product assurance and performance warranty.

Ultimately, most experts recommend SunPower over Sunrun. Although some homeowners might prefer leasing their solar panels over buying them, SunPower offers exceptional technology and warranty coverage. Despite being more expensive than Sunrun, prospective SunPower customers usually offset the costs with state eligibility for solar incentives.

SunPower customers are also quick to applaud the company for its superior professionalism, rapid response to warranty claims, and energy expertise.

Where are SunPower Solar Panels Made?

Solar technology is having its day in the sun with the recent Inflation Reduction Act. Under the new legislation’s Residential Clean Energy Credit, homeowners could receive a 30% tax credit for solar panels for the PV panels, labor costs, permitting, storage batteries, and other install equipment.

That means if homeowners spend upwards of $24,000 on solar panels before incentives kick in, they could subtract $7,200 from federal taxes.

The Inflation Reduction Act also provides an additional 10% to 40% in tax incentives for using domestically-manufactured hardware. For solar panels to classify as a domestic product, they must be at least 40% manufactured in the U.S.

Per the legislation’s domestically-manufactured solar rules, homeowners who opt for SunPower solar systems will not qualify for additional tax credits. That’s because when SunPower split from manufacturer Maxeon Solar Technologies in 2019 to focus on residential installations, operations moved overseas.

Today, Maxeon is headquartered in Singapore and produces its solar panels at factories in Malaysia, France, Mexico and the Philippines. Fortunately, Maxeon has plans to build a 3 GW facility in the U.S., having recently applied for a loan from the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE).

In the meantime, SunPower remains under contract to solely offer Maxeon products, including its four primary panel systems — M Series, A Series, X Series and E Series — each of which maintains distinct performance characteristics and purposes.

Of all its solar panels, the latest M Series has proven the most powerful due to its massive cell size and built-in microinverters. Being among the most efficient panels on the market, homeowners require fewer panels to electrify their homes. This makes the product line ideal for smaller roof space installations without compromising energy efficiency and performance.

Get Your SunPower Solar Panel Quote Today

There’s a reason why homeowners opt for SunPower solar panel systems — they’re the top solar panel company in the U.S.

With recent legislation and more substantial solar incentives available, homeowners who get a quote for SunPower solar panels and install their systems reap the benefits of residential energy efficiency and cost savings.

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