SunPower Installers: What You Need to Know

SunPower is one of the largest solar panel providers in the U.S., founded in 1985 by a former Stanford University engineering professor. It’s a great option for anyone looking to add solar panels to their home or business property. Here are a few things first-time solar buyers should know about SunPower’s installer network and Master Dealers. 

How the SunPower Installer Network Works

SunPower’s solar panels are available in all 50 states. SunPower uses a tier system to rank its dealers and installers, which can help customers find the best option in their area. The best place to buy SunPower panels is from a Master Dealer, which is part of SunPower’s top, invitation-only tier of partners. 

States without Master Dealers can get SunPower panels from Elite Dealers and Authorized Dealers. These partners have the company’s stamp of approval. This includes training on SunPower’s panels and installation processes and requirements for performance and customer satisfaction. 

Anyone interested in investing in a solar system should take the opportunity to be an early adopter. Federal bills and tax legislation offer numerous benefits for homeowners and businesses investing in clean energy infrastructure. For example, experts estimate that the 2022 Inflation Reduction Act could result in $3.5 trillion in capital investment in solar and wind power technologies over the next decade. 

SunPower Installers in Arizona

Arizona has two Master Dealers along with several Elite and Authorized Dealers. The Master Dealers in the state are SunPower by PGT Solutions, serving the Phoenix area, and SunPower by Esmay Electric, serving the Mohave County area. 

Both solar installers do residential and commercial projects. They also have a great reputation with customers for good communication and professionalism. 

SunPower Installers in California

California residents have more options for solar panel installation than any other state. An estimated 17% of California’s in-state energy production comes from solar power. There are over a dozen SunPower Master Dealers throughout California, so first-time buyers should compare prices by requesting quotes from the authorized SunPower installers in their area. 

SunPower itself is based in San Jose, California, where it offers SunPower Direct services to several cities across the country, including Columbus, Dallas, El Paso, Houston and Las Vegas. 

Sacramento Area

There are two Master Dealers in the Sacramento area. Ambrose Solar, a residential solar installer known for outstanding customer service and communication, is in Vacaville. Hooked On Solar in Rocklin is another residential solar installer whose customers have noted how good their panels look after installation. 

Los Angeles Area

Several Master Dealers are located throughout the Los Angeles area. Sun Solar Energy Holdings in Anaheim does residential and commercial projects and offers battery storage options. Sun Solar Energy Holdings is SunPower’s most award-winning partner in the country

Additionally, there are Master Dealers located in Lancaster, Pomona, Pasadena, Redlands, Upland, Valencia and Wildomar. 

San Diego Area

The San Diego area has its own Master Dealer, SunPower by HES Solar. There are also two other Master Dealers nearby in El Cajon, Milholland Electric and SolarTech. 

Other Master Dealers in California

Most of California’s SunPower Master Dealers are located around the state’s biggest cities, but several other dealers are located throughout the state. They are based in San Ramon, Bakersfield, Modesto, Stockton, Fresno and Paradise. 

SunPower Installers in Colorado

Colorado has one SunPower Master Dealer, Freedom Solar Power, located in Colorado Springs. Colorado may not be one of the top states for solar power production yet, but SunPower is helping to change that.

SunPower Installers in Connecticut

Connecticut currently has one Master Dealer, SunPower by Earthlight Technologies LLC, located in Ellington. Earthlight Technologies offers residential and commercial solar installations.

SunPower Installers in Florida

Florida has the third-highest solar power capacity in the U.S., generating 9,539 megawatts. SunPower is part of the solar growth in the state with two Master Dealers. ESA Solar Energy LLC is located in Maitland, serving the Orlando area. Freedom Solar Power (Florida) serves the Tampa area. 

SunPower Installers in Hawaii

Hawaii has more solar installations per 100,000 people than any other state. This is a great place to invest in solar installations due to its ample sunlight. SunPower has one Master Dealer here, Eco Solar LLC, located in Waipahu on the island of Oahu. 

SunPower Installers in Louisiana

SunPower currently has one Master Dealer in Louisiana, South Coast Solar, located in Metairie and serving the New Orleans area. South Coast Solar is a great dealer for Louisiana residents, with installations at over 1,500 homes totaling 30 megawatts of solar power. 

SunPower Installers in Massachusetts

Massachusetts has two SunPower Master Dealers. BlueSel Home Solar in Sandwich is the first Master Dealer in the state and serves the Cape Cod area. E2 Solar Inc. is in nearby Dennis and offers residential and commercial solar installations. 

SunPower Installers in Maryland

There is one Master Dealer in Maryland, EDGE Energy, based in Beltsville, which serves Washington, D.C., Maryland and Virginia. It offers flexible financing and a roof warranty with its solar installation. 

Some options can help make solar installations more affordable. For example, one nonprofit serving the Mid-Atlantic states, including Maryland, is helping low-income families and multifamily housing communities get affordable access to solar power. 

SunPower Installers in Michigan

Michigan has one SunPower Master Dealer, Oak Electric, in Waterford. Oak Electric has completed over 1,500 projects and offers residential and commercial solar installations.

SunPower Installers in New Jersey

There are two Master Dealers in New Jersey. Kamtech Solar Solutions (New Jersey) offers residential and commercial installations in the Lakewood area. Sea Bright Solar LLC offers full-service solar purchasing, permitting and installation in Asbury Park. 

SunPower Installers in Nevada

SunPower has one Master Dealer in Nevada. Today’s Energy Store Inc., based in Henderson, serves the Las Vegas area and specializes in residential solar installations. 

SunPower Installers in New York

New York has three SunPower Master Dealers. AEC Solar Energy Corp. in Albany offers commercial and residential solar installations as well as battery installations. Kamtech Solar Solutions, located in Inwood, Long Island, serves the New York City and Long Island area and offers residential, commercial and industrial solar installations. Finally, New York State Solar Farm Inc. serves the Modena area and specializes in residential installations. 

When choosing between multiple dealers in one state, like New York, remember to compare prices and get a quote from each authorized SunPower installer. 

SunPower Installers in Oregon

There is one Master Dealer in Oregon. Earthlight Technologies LLC, which is also a Master Dealer in Connecticut, has a branch in Silverton that offers residential and commercial solar installations. 

SunPower Installers in Texas

SunPower has one Master Dealer in Texas, Freedom Solar Power, based in Austin. Freedom Solar has additional showrooms in Raleigh-Durham, North Carolina, and Dever, Colorado.

SunPower Installers in Utah

SunPower has one Master Dealer in Utah. Custom Electrical Service LLC, located in Ephraim, offers residential solar installations and solar backup power systems. 

Finding the Perfect SunPower Solar Installer

SunPower is one of the nation’s leading solar power providers. With certified, experienced Master Dealers all over the country, new solar customers can rest assured that they are getting the best service. Customers in states without Master Dealers can go to one of SunPower’s reputable Elite or Authorized Dealers throughout all 50 states.

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