We Support the Rutgers Solar Car Team

Here at Solar Metric, we believe that the future of renewable energy lies in the hands of the youth. That’s why we are proud sponsors of the Rutgers Solar Car Team. They’re a really cool group of enthusiastic students, who spend their free time working to create a better future for all of us.  

We want to encourage you to learn a little more about their mission, and hopefully, support them, too!

What is The Rutgers Solar Car Team?  

The Rutgers Solar Car Team is a student-led engineering team comprised of students from Rutgers University, who work together to design, manufacture, and develop their solar car, which they race in various races throughout the country. 

Interestingly, the club members aren’t all engineering majors. In fact, the team is comprised of students from all different fields of study. They’re just a group of people, unified and passionate about sustainability, and creating a better tomorrow through innovative solar technology. 

They’re all incredibly dedicated to their membership and participation in the club. And they pour that passion into creating solar-powered vehicles and into achieving their overall mission. 

Their official mission is To Educate and Inspire the Garden State.” Aside from racing, the team aspires to help people become more scientifically literate and enthusiastic about working towards a greener and cleaner future. 

The Rutgers Solar Team Contributes to The Community 

The first component of achieving their mission lies in educational outreach programs. They frequent public schools to show students what science and business management looks like in the real world. So often in school, science education is abstract, boring, and non-applicable to real-life, which, unfortunately, leads to children not having an interest in pursuing science fields in college. 

The Rutgers Solar Car Team wants to change that. They visit local schools and put on comprehensive workshops throughout the year for students in the area. They also regularly display their car at school science fairs and lead programs to help high school students get a grasp on the various parts of the industry. 

The second part of their program revolves around the design, manufacturing, and racing of solar-powered vehicles. It’s exciting, challenging, and highly competitive, but it pushes the team to think outside the box and develop truly innovative technology and market strategies. 

Ultimately, these racing competitions push solar teams to develop more efficient electric and solar motor technology, with the goal of influencing the vehicle market at large. If a bunch of college students can create efficient solar-powered vehicles, then why can’t the big car manufacturers? This overreaching effect on the motor industry is how this team and others like them contribute to the bigger picture. 

Pretty cool, right? 

What They’re Doing Now

Currently, the team is working on getting their car ready for the American Solar Challenge. It’s a 1,000-mile traverse throughout the U.S., where they’ll follow the route of the Oregon Trail in their solar car. 

It’s an incredibly tough feat that requires superstars from every major to participate. They have supply chain majors, engineers, and marketing majors, all contributing to achieving this massive goal. It’s a rigorous and definitely a challenge, but they’re up for the task.

However, they still need more funding to get there, which is where you can help!

How to Support The Rutgers Solar Team

Solar Metric is a proud sponsor of the Rutgers Solar Team. You can become a sponsor or donate, too, and help the team continue their community and educational outreach and make it to the American Solar Challenge this summer. 

Team Member, and Managing Director, Thomas Brinkman says, “We greatly appreciate any and all donations, these all help us reach our goal of racing in the American Solar Challenge and push solar power to the limit! Your contribution can and will help change the face of transportation as we know it!”

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