Installer Reviews

Trinity Solar

Understanding the Pros and Cons of Trinity Solar Power

With the continued success of solar from legislative action and environmental awareness, customers have the most options now than in history for residential and commercial … Read more

Freedom Forever Solar

Freedom Forever: How Does It Stack up Against Other Solar Providers?

Households switching to solar have plenty of options when it comes to competing companies. Freedom Forever is one of many businesses providing solar panel installation. … Read more

Titan Solar Power

The Role of Titan Solar in the Solar Panel Market

Like the eponymous giants of Greek mythology, Titan Solar Power is a large company rising in the ranks, expanding its network of contracting services across … Read more


Sunrun Review: Is Sunrun Worth it?

Sunrun has one of the longest tenures in the solar panel industry in the United States. It offers solar panels and its famous Brightbox home … Read more

Sunpower review

SunPower Review: Are SunPower Solar Panels Worth it?

If you are considering going solar and have researched the best installers¬†and solar products, you have probably come across a company called SunPower. This is … Read more