Freedom Forever: How Does It Stack up Against Other Solar Providers?

Households switching to solar have plenty of options when it comes to competing companies. Freedom Forever is one of many businesses providing solar panel installation. How does this influence the quality of its products, customer service and price points in an economy pushing solar power to saturation?

How Is Freedom Forever’s Reputation?

Freedom Forever has a solid foundation for credibility, including an A-average from the Better Business Bureau, a five-star rating from EcoWatch and approval from the North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners (NABCEP).

A highlight of Freedom Forever is its size and how that reflects in customer service. Though consumers should expect several negative reviews of any solar company, Freedom Forever has more personable and consistent reviews than other businesses, like Titan Solar. Customers note the responsiveness and speed of installation as a benefit that justifies the financial investment. The company is prompt in fixing energy generation issues with its 25-year production guarantee and even provides reimbursements for any shortcomings.

How does the quality of the panel match the rest of the industry? Freedom Forever collaborates with Sunrun to produce its panels and batteries. The partnership is temporary and has the potential to renew or not, making the quality of the products subject to change. However, Sunrun’s reputation allows customers to have faith in the panel quality because of company standards. It uses a monocrystalline base — the most reliable panel composition. 

Is Freedom Forever Accessible in Cost and Location?

When it comes to location, the solar provider isn’t as widely available compared to Sunrun or SunPower. It only operates in 20 states as of the beginning of 2023, but its maps indicate where it’s coming soon and where it still has to find opportunities. 

The company’s age is a consideration given its accessibility since it was only founded in 2011, whereas competitors like RGS Energy have operated since the late 1970s. Other companies have been around longer, but their development is impressive against their tenure.

Freedom Forever offers consultations to provide quotes, as installation can vary depending on square footage, household energy use and a combination of other factors. Additionally, fluctuating federal tax credits and local incentives could reduce upfront costs further, and employees from each Freedom Forever location should disclose these opportunities to buyers. 

Panel type and national averages play significant roles in pricing. It can shift based on localizations, averaging around $1.50 per watt in 2023 with a monocrystalline make. Freedom Forever provides leasing and owning options, with loans and power purchase agreements (PPAs) among its diverse financing options. 

Households switching to solar panels should see returns within a decade or so. Companies assert other eco-friendly switches within the home to bolster panels’ effectiveness, such as changing to LED lightbulbs that use 75% less energy than others. Getting the most out of solar panels involves more than just committing them to the roof — energy adjustments throughout the home will make them last longer, reduce bills and lead to household carbon neutrality.

How Does Freedom Forever Compare to Other Providers?

It’s important to note similarities alongside differences when analyzing service processes. From starting a quote to powering on the system, the steps are nearly identical to most solar installers nationwide. Like other companies, Freedom Forever will inspect the home, solidify permits and install the tech without much effort from homeowners.

Alongside Streamline Energy, Native Solar and Sunlux, Freedom Forever prides itself on educating customers throughout the sales and installation process to secure long-term care and return on investment. It stresses the importance of the transition for environmental impact and how to maintain panels, even for the most beginner environmentalist. 

Freedom Forever provides two primary services — solar installation and battery storage options. Other providers, like Sunrun, partner with companies like Tesla to offer additional amenities, such as solar walls. Homeowners who only want panels will be satisfied with Freedom Forever despite limited service offerings, especially since it’s more accepting of lower credit scores that diversify its audience. 

Freedom Forever’s warranty is distinct from competitor providers — in that there isn’t one. Warranties can cover varied facets of the installation process, including the equipment and labor for different time frames. Some companies protect against roof damage, while others do not. Freedom Forever’s guarantee isn’t an explicit warranty and does not cover workmanship, meaning the company won’t make repairs outside of the equipment. However, the 25-year guarantee is its quality assurance, suggesting it empowers customers more than the confines of standard warranties.

Despite its reputation, Freedom Forever has fewer environmental certifications to compete with other companies. SunPower has ISO and Cradle to Cradle certifications on top of others, verifying its commitment to third-party assessments. Perhaps Freedom Forever will work toward these in time, but it’s uncertain.

Is Freedom Forever Worth the Investment?

Freedom Forever could be the company to choose if customer service and quality panels are top priorities. It has a positive reputation that continues to expand nationwide, installing ethically sourced panels in households to reduce the nation’s carbon footprint. Though the provider may come with slightly higher prices and the warranty isn’t as specific, the other company benefits can equate to a quality installation.

  • Jane Marsh

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