Interested in Going Solar in NJ?

Going Solar Is not only good for the
environment, It's good for your pocket.

With new incentives and rebates, energy cost savings, and property value increases, homeowners in New Jersey are saving around $75,000 by making the switch. 

We Make Going Solar Easy For You

Finding a quality installer is half the battle. How do you make sure you’re getting all the incentives and rebates you deserve?

At Solar Metric,
We do the work for you.

We have partnerships with the highest-rated installers in New Jersey. We’ve vetted, pre-screened, and qualified every partner we have to ensure that you’re in great hands.

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How to choose a solar installer

We won't leave you hanging.

We’ll follow up with you to make sure you’ve found the perfect installer to fit your needs. We’ll also be available to answer any follow-up questions. We’ll be your guide throughout your entire solar installation process, so you’re never confused or overwhelmed.

We’re here to make sure you get the most out of your solar panel system.

Call us your solar energy advocate.

We work for YOU. Our job is to help you find a company that fits your unique goals.
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