Solar Panel Costs – Rochester, NY [2023]

Solar panels are a great way to save money on your electricity bill, and they’re becoming increasingly popular in Brooklyn. But how much do solar panels actually cost?

The average cost for a 6 kilowatt (kW) solar installation in Brooklyn is $17,280 and $12,787 after the federal tax credit. The average cost per watt for solar panels in Brooklyn is $3.36 per watt.

This may seem like a lot of money, but solar panels will eventually pay for themselves through the money you save on your electric bill. Solar panels typically last for 20-25 years, so over the long run, they are a very wise investment.

Payback Period:
7 Years

20 Year Savings:

Cost per Watt:

Average Cost of Solar Panels in Brooklyn (Based on System Size)

System Size System Cost Cost after ITC
4 kW $11,520 $8,525
5 kW $14,400 $10,656
6 kW $17,280 $12,787
7 kW $20,160 $14,918
8 kW $23,040 $17,050
9 kW $25,920 $19,181
10 kW $28,800 $21,312

Factors that Determine the Total Cost

Six tips for choosing a solar provider
Featured Installer: Brooklyn Solar Works
We’ve been a fan of these guys for years, because of their ability to speed through NYC solar permitting, outstanding customer service, and beautiful rooftop solar designs.

Best Solar Companies in New York City

Knows NYC buildings, great designs for flat roofs. Easy to schedule a quote on their web site.

EmPower Solar

Island Park, NY

Good service and informative documentation.

Venture Solar

Brooklyn, NY

Flexible financing options, 25 year warranty.

Sea Bright Solar

Staten Island, NY

Installs SunPower and Tesla Powerwall. Nearly 20 years experience.

Surf Clean Energy

Long Beach, NY

Home base is Long Island homes, but has experience with Queens, Brooklyn flat roofs. 

YSG Solar

New York, NY 

Installs panels and batteries. Flexible payment options.

Trinity Solar


Knowledgable sales people. Northeast region focus, does not have NYC office.

New York Solar Panel Installation Costs by City

New York City
Long Island
New Paltz
New Rochelle
Mount Vernon
White Plains
Niagara Falls
Valley Stream