Texas Solar Incentives and Rebates 2022

Texas produces enough solar energy to power over 350,000 homes and has a whopping $4.63 billion invested in solar technology. Prices in Texas have plunged by 38 percent over the last five years, and as a result, the state is expected to more than double its installed solar capacity by

How We Calculated Our Top Solar Installers Lists

When we created our top solar installers list, we wanted to ensure that we were thorough and fair in our analysis. We did extensive Google searching to find our candidate pool. For each location, we started with around 100 companies to compare. Then, individually researched the companies to get an

The global effects of Trump’s Solar Tariffs on the industry.

Global markets have been reeling in the wake of U.S. President Donald Trump’s tariffs on steel and aluminum. The tariffs have caused serious rifts between the U.S. and its longtime allies like Canada and the European Union. Less reported on, but no less important, has been the impact of Trump’s

Why We Must Continue To Push for Solar Energy in the United States

There was considerable anxiety earlier this year when President Donald Trump approved tariffs on solar cells and panels of up to 25 percent for four years. It was just the latest – but not the only – sign that both the public and private sector in the U.S. must expand

Where to Find Top Solar Energy News in North America

In this day and age, going solar is quite common and many people are opting for the idea to become sustainable because let’s admit it, fossil fuels won’t sustain life forever. At this point, you’re searching where to find top solar energy news in North America so you’ll be one

Solar Energy Trends: What’s Changing and What’s Staying

People are wondering how the newly imposed tariffs are going to affect solar energy trends for the rest of 2018. While they may have put a damper on the explosive growth that the solar industry has enjoyed for the last two years, that growth is expected to continue, even if

Top Solar Energy Milestones Predicted By The End of 2018

Predictions can be fun, especially when they’re predictions based on hope for a better future. Back in the 1950’s, it was predicted that one day, we’d all have jet-packs that would enable us to escape traffic and fly to work. While those jet-packs didn’t become a reality, solar energy is

Our Most Popular Reads on Solar Energy

With constantly rising energy costs, more people are looking for alternatives to traditional energy sources.  Solar energy is one of the cleanest–and least expensive–alternatives available, but most people still have a lot of questions about it. Before they can make an informed decision to invest in a solar energy system,

Solar Energy Explained in Three Easy Steps

You don’t really need a scientific explanation of how solar energy works to enjoy the benefits of a solar energy system.  It’s not necessary to know that PV (photovoltaic) cells contain two layers of semiconductor material composed of silicon crystals in order to reduce your energy costs. Most people don’t know that