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Understanding the Blue Raven Acquisition by SunPower

Incredible things can happen when two powerhouses in the solar panel industry join forces. Following the Blue Raven acquisition by SunPower, the companies hope to expand … Read more

solar projects cheaper than coal

New Solar Projects Cheaper Than Coal

Renewable energy production increased in recent years. A drive from eco-consumers and government policies promotes efficiency advancements and price deductions. System alterations developed the cheapest … Read more


How Efficient is Solar Compared to Fossil Fuels?

On his first day in office, President Biden signed the U.S. onto the Paris Agreement. The signature represents our commitment to cut greenhouse gas emissions. … Read more

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We Support the Rutgers Solar Car Team

Here at Solar Metric, we believe that the future of renewable energy lies in the hands of the youth. That’s why we are proud sponsors … Read more

Rutgers Solar Car

US Universities Lead Solar Innovation and Academics

Universities in the United States are leading the way in developing, teaching and utilizing solar technology. Colleges and universities around the world are hubs of … Read more

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Community solar is an excellent way to create energy equity–if it’s done right

Source: Fast Company People banding together to fund a solar project is an increasingly popular way of accessing clean energy. But it can either be … Read more


How US Schools Are Taking Advantage of Solar Energy.

President Trump’s most recent proposed budget cuts include cutting 14% from the Department of Education.   Those cuts will result in eliminating many of the most important elements … Read more

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Top Energy Trends to Watch in 2018

Solar Energy In 2016, solar energy finally surpassed the coal industry in net growth. Two-thirds of all new power added to the global grid was … Read more


Coal Country Joins the Solar Shift

As our country’ shifts inevitably to clean energy sources, jobs are not being lost so much as shifting. From Wyoming to West Virginia, former fossil … Read more

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The Future of Solar Power Outshines President Trump

State and Local Governments’ Substantial Impacts in the Rise of Solar Energy States and cities really drive the shift to renewable energy. The executive branch … Read more