Top 10 Benefits of Going Solar in the U.S. in 2019

Lower Tariffs in 2019 Last year, despite broad opposition from the solar industry, the Trump administration imposed a 30 percent tariff on imported solar cells and panels. The effect was immediate: after announcing the tariffs in January of 2018, second-quarter installations were 9 percent lower year-over-year and 7 percent lower

NJ Solar Incentives, Rebates, and Tax Credits 2020

New Jersey has been a leader in US solar energy programs, and that status is only increasing. The Garden State is committed to renewable energy. NJ solar incentives and  solar rebates provide excellent incentives for those looking to get started. New Jersey helps residents and business owners get started with

7 Long Term Benefits of Making a Solar Panel Investment for Your Home

Whether you’ve thought about it or seriously considered going solar, there is no denying that paneling-up is the future. Investing in solar panels is on the rise; ranging from governments to home-owners. Extracting energy from the sun is not only eco-friendly, but it is also much less expensive in the

New York Solar Energy Incentives and Rebates 2020

If you live in New York and are thinking about going solar, you should know that thanks to the many financial incentives now available, 2020 is an excellent year for you to install solar panels. New York has long been a leader in installed solar capacity. The state has a

Pennsylvania Solar Energy Incentives and Rebates 2020

If you’re a Pennsylvania homeowner thinking of installing solar panels in 2020, the biggest question on your mind is probably: “How much will this cost?” Fortunately, the multitude of financial incentives available in the Keystone State means that the effective cost of going solar is far lower than what you’ll

Ways to Leverage Solar Energy in Your Home Even If You Can’t Afford Panels

Using solar energy in your home is possible. Nowadays, with global concerns of high electricity costs and environmental degradation, renewable energy is looking like a much more attractive option to homeowners. More and more people want to leverage solar energy in a desperate attempt to save the planet and reduce

Why Solar Energy Is The Best Investment For Your Family

There are a lot of good reasons for investing in solar energy for your home.   Many of those reasons will directly benefit your own family.  It will lower your monthly energy bills, leaving you more money to spend on enjoyable activities that bring families closer together. Encouraging active participation in making family

Solar Energy: Stop Playing Around and Invest Today

There are a lot of good reasons for investing in solar energy in 2018, but one of the best reasons is that solar energy can strengthen your entire community.  Michelle Moore, former White House environmental advisor and current CEO of Groundswell, points out that clean energy also results in more economic

Solar Energy Facts: Top 5 Facts That You Need to Know!

Solar energy is becoming more affordable every day.  That’s good news, because we humans can no longer afford the environmental, economic, and social costs of continuing to rely on fossil fuels.  When considering whether it’s worth it to invest in solar energy, here are some solar energy facts about how it’s reducing