Are solar shingles worth it? 2020

With the rise in the popularity of solar power, people have continuously expressed the desire to have more options in terms of solar products. Some of the more popular ones are solar shingles. Solar shingles — sometimes known as photovoltaic shingles — are essentially just solar panels designed to look

Solar Shingles Are the Future of Residential Solar Power

Unlike solar panels, which have been around for decades, the first commercial solar power shingles hit the market in 2005. However, despite being new technology, shingles are blooming in popularity. The trend is evident through the growing demand that forces solar shingle companies such as Tesla to increase their production

New York Solar Energy Incentives and Rebates 2020

Going solar isn’t as expensive as you think if you know how to get your money back. Read this guide to get the most incentives for your solar panels in New York. If you live in New York and are thinking about going solar, you should know that thanks to

Colorado Solar Panel Installation Costs 2020

Sustainability is a high priority for most Coloradoans, and this is reflected in the state’s high solar capacity. To help more residents get started on solar energy, Colorado offers considerable tax incentives and a solid net metering program. In 2020, the cost for a 5 kilowatt (kW) solar installation in

Top Reasons to Go Solar Today

If you are considering going solar, there has never been a better time, go solar today.  In fact, considering the increasingly negative consequences of the alternatives to investing in clean, sustainable solar energy, time is becoming of the essence. Economic Incentives Most people are already aware of the potential for

California Solar Panel Installation Costs 2020

Are you are a resident of California ready to make the switch to clean solar power? Good news- California is by far the leading state in solar energy, with the highest solar electricity capacity as of 2019. Close to 20% of the state’s power comes from the sun, with almost

New Jersey Solar Panel Installation Costs 2020

When you start researching solar panel costs in New Jersey, it gets overwhelming very quickly. Solar installation costs vary from company to company, and when you start throwing in incentives, rebates, and tax credits, your simple Google search turns into a complex, algebraic equation. Before you know it, you’re knee-deep

NJ Solar Incentives, Rebates, and Tax Credits 2020

New Jersey has been a leader in US solar energy programs, and that status is only increasing. The Garden State is committed to renewable energy. NJ solar incentives and  solar rebates provide excellent incentives for those looking to get started. New Jersey helps residents and business owners get started with

Top 10 Residential Solar Installers in New Jersey

When you’re looking for the top solar installers in NJ, it can be overwhelming. There are literally hundreds of different solar companies out there. When we had solar installed on our own home, we tried to find the best solar companies out there, and we were left scratching our heads.