Top 10 Residential Solar Installers in New Jersey

When you’re looking for the top solar installers in NJ, it can be overwhelming. There are literally hundreds of different solar companies out there. When we had solar installed on our own home, we tried to find the best solar companies out there, and we were left scratching our heads.

Arizona Solar Incentives and Rebates 2020

If you are a resident of Arizona and considering going solar for your home or office, 2020 is just the time to do so. The state’s plentiful sunlight can easily convert into a bounty of clean, renewable energy. You may be concerned with the costs you’ll incur with this transition,

New Jersey Solar Panel Installation Costs 2020

When you start researching solar panel costs in New Jersey, it gets overwhelming very quickly. Solar installation costs vary from company to company, and when you start throwing in incentives, rebates, and tax credits, your simple Google search turns into a complex, algebraic equation. Before you know it, you’re knee-deep

How to Choose a Solar Installer

So, you have done your research on the benefits of solar energy and decided to install a solar photovoltaic (PV) system to power your property, what now? The next important step is choosing a solar installer to set up the system for you. Picking the right installer is vital since

Massachusetts Solar Incentives and Rebates 2020

Do you own a property in Massachusetts and want to get solar panels installed on it, but are worried about huge expenses? If so, you should know that there are several financial incentives available in the state currently, making 2019 the right year for you to go solar. Like most other

Are solar shingles worth it 2019

With the rise in popularity of solar power, people have continuously expressed desire in having more options in terms of solar products. Some of the more popular ones nowadays are solar shingles. Simply put, solar singles — sometimes known as photovoltaic shingles — are essentially just solar panels that are

What is Community Solar and Why Should You Care?

Installing solar panels on your roof has proven to be a great investment. Like a gift that keeps on giving, solar panels help homeowners save money, reap incentives, and earn rebates for decades to come. For those who want to reap the benefits of solar power but live on rent,

Going Solar: The Benefits of Solar Panels on Your Roof

Solar power is becoming the next big thing in roofing. Especially in southern states like Texas, solar panels have become a hot topic for local roofing companies. People are asking things like: What are the benefits of solar panels? How do I add solar panels to my roof? Will solar

Three Ways Renters Can Go Solar

Most renters assume they have no opportunities to enjoy the many benefits of solar power. Like any home improvement, installing solar panels is the exclusive right of your landlord; they would probably be unhappy if you, a tenant, independently installed solar panels on their property (though in the long run,