How HOAs Can Encourage the Growth of Solar

Homeowners Associations (HOAs) currently give input to 40 million households across the United States. Their primary role is to protect the property value of homes in a given area by regulating and maintaining curb appeal. HOAs opposed solar panels for many years because they were a fringe movement that many

How Does Solar Stack Up During Natural Disasters?

One of the first things to fail during a natural disaster is the power grid. Depending on the location and the disaster, this can leave people suffering through bitter heat or freezing cold for days or weeks at a time while linemen work tirelessly to restore the grid. Green energy

Best Solar Companies in Wisconsin 2022

Choosing the right solar installation company is probably the most important decision in your solar panel investment. When you’re looking for the best solar installer in Wisconsin, it can be overwhelming. How do you know you’re choosing the right solar company? Like any other industry, the solar industry has its

15 Ideas for Decorating Your Patio Using Solar

As a homeowner, you want something that stands out and makes your home look cozy and picture-perfect. If you use your deck often, having lights is necessary, especially for those later nights when you want to sit outside and listen to the calming sounds of birds and insects humming. In

Do Homes with Solar Panels Sell?

The eco-conscious movement is rising, altering the renewable energy market. When driving through the suburbs, you may notice electric cars, smart sprinkler systems and solar-paneled roofs. Our global commitment to climate change prevention significantly impacted the modern lifestyle. Solar homes are becoming the norm as we shrink our carbon footprints.

Should You Replace Your Roof Before Installing Solar Panels?

Sustainable living recently took over the residential sector. Since the pandemic, individuals have spent significantly more time in and around their homes. In turn, our properties’ carbon emissions increased. Homeowners can challenge pollution problems by adopting renewable energy systems. Solar, wind, and geothermal power devices effectively shrink one’s carbon footprint.

Tesla Powerwall Review, Cost, and Specs

After cutting teeth on the development of electric cars, Tesla jumped onto the commercial and home battery storage bandwagon. The company took the energy storage industry by storm when it announced its first-generation home battery product—the Tesla Powerwall battery system in 2015.   The DC-coupled storage battery was the first

Maryland Solar Panel Costs 2022

The average cost for a 5 kilowatt (kW) solar installation in Maryland is $13,975 and $10,342 after the federal tax credit. The average cost per watt of installing solar panels in MD is $2.67 per watt. Payback Period:8 Years 20 Year Savings:$28,000 Cost per Watt:$2.80 The average cost of solar

Hawaii Solar Panel Costs 2022

The average cost for a 5 kilowatt (kW) solar installation in Hawaii is $13,350 and $9,879 after the federal tax credit. The average cost per watt of installing solar panels in HI is $2.67 per watt. Payback Period:5 Years 20 Year Savings:$43,000 Cost per Watt:$2.67 The average cost of solar

What Type of Roofs Are Best for Solar Panels?

Sometimes, individuals focus on the cost of solar panels rather than the installation site when investing in clean energy. Although most roofs can sustain a renewable energy system, some are better than others. As the prices of solar power systems decrease and more homes install panels, it’s vital to evaluate