Why Solar Energy Is The Best Investment For Your Family

There are a lot of good reasons for investing in solar energy for your home.   Many of those reasons will directly benefit your own family.  It will lower your monthly energy bills, leaving you more money to spend on enjoyable activities that bring families closer together. Encouraging active participation in making family

Solar Energy: Stop Playing Around and Invest Today

There are a lot of good reasons for investing in solar energy in 2018, but one of the best reasons is that solar energy can strengthen your entire community.  Michelle Moore, former White House environmental advisor and current CEO of Groundswell, points out that clean energy also results in more economic

Going Solar in 2018: Planning Your Investment!

A growing number of individuals, companies, and communities, are declaring their energy independence by going solar in 2018. Government agencies haven’t completely shifted their support to the solar industry. The coal and oil industries and their lobbyists still wield considerable economic—and political—power. However, governments worldwide recognize the fact that a global transition

Solar Energy Facts: Top 5 Facts That You Need to Know!

Solar energy is becoming more affordable every day.  That’s good news, because we humans can no longer afford the environmental, economic, and social costs of continuing to rely on fossil fuels.  When considering whether it’s worth it to invest in solar energy, here are some solar energy facts about how it’s reducing