The Best Solar Christmas Lights For Your Home

It’s time to start decorating for the holiday season! But instead of going with traditional Christmas lights, why not look into the best solar Christmas lights for your home? Let’s break down what solar Christmas lights are, how they work, and why you should consider using them to brighten the

How to Winterize Your Home

Winter in the U.S. can range from being mild and pleasant to downright agonizing and marred by excessive snow, sub-zero temperatures, and torrential downpours. It is never too late to winterize your home to ensure that your family stays warm and safe. Doing so will also prevent your heating bill

Best Outdoor Solar Lights for Your Home

Ready to add a new glow to your yard, garden, or pathway? Solar lights are the cost effective, easy option and we’ve rounded up the 7 best options. Read this guide to learn more! Do you know that outdoor lighting is one of the best ways to add beauty to

Solar Roof Shingles vs. Solar Panels

For many years, people have relied on panels when coming up with a solar power system that is capable of generating enough electricity. However, there is a new trend. Some homeowners are now opting for solar roof shingles as opposed to panels when installing a new system. Thus, if you

7 Long Term Benefits of Making a Solar Panel Investment for Your Home

Whether you’ve thought about it or seriously considered going solar, there is no denying that paneling-up is the future. Investing in solar panels is on the rise; ranging from governments to home-owners. Extracting energy from the sun is not only eco-friendly, but it is also much less expensive in the