Best Outdoor Solar Lights for Your Home

Ready to add a new glow to your yard, garden, or pathway? Solar lights are the cost effective, easy option and we’ve rounded up the 7 best options. Read this guide to learn more!

Do you know that outdoor lighting is one of the best ways to add beauty to your home? By choosing the most appropriate lights, you can create a whole new world outside your house. That is why you should install outdoor solar lights since they are not only suitable but also environment-friendly, making them the best.

When the time comes to purchase solar lights, it is essential to go for the top products. However, choosing the finest can be a daunting task given the many similar items in the market. We have simplified the process by coming up with seven of the best outdoor solar lights that you can add to your home.

Best Outdoor Solar Lights
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    Nekteck 2 in 1 Solar Spotlights

    The solar light is a perfect combination for any home. It can be placed at any suitable location outside the house, such as in the walkways and pathways. The installation is also straightforward – it’s merely a matter of sticking a spike firmly into the soil, and you’re ready to go.

    The item comes with a two in one package. Each has an attached solar panel and a rechargeable 2200mAh battery. The product is heatproof and waterproof, which makes it suitable for all weather.  

    Nekteck 2 Pack Solar Lights

    URPower Motion Sensor Solar Lights

    These bad boys are one of the best outdoor solar lights in the market. The manufacturers offer them in a large number of options, but a useful option is they can be programmed to turn on and off depending on the time of day. This makes excellent energy savings when they are not being used and also saves you the trouble of having to switch them on and off.

    The solar product is also unique since it is a motion sensor. The feature allows it to detect movement outside your home, and then brighten up in the process. Thus, in addition to illuminating a given space, it can also provide security since you can realize the presence of an intruder. 

    LITOM 12 LED Solar Landscape Spotlights

    The high impact, durable, and sustainable lights are an excellent option for someone who wants to buy something durable and affordable. They are fully waterproof, so snow and rain will never be an issue.

    One of the exciting features of this product is that it is very tall, a whole lot taller than other solar-powered lights. This allows it to illuminate a larger space when fitted on the ground, making it suitable for outdoor lighting. The lights can also be mounted on the wall.

    The Litom spotlights can detect the brightness of the surrounding environment. The feature allows it to enter energy-saving mode during the day and light up during the evening and through the night.

    MINI 50X Twin Solar Spotlights

    This Mini 50X series has many features, which have attracted a lot of positive reviews. One of these exciting features is a unique magnifying lens, which helps to increase the brightness of the warm white light and the distance covered. The design makes the product unique and perfect for outdoor lighting.

    The spotlights also come with several levels of brightness settings. Thus, you can adjust the brightness to the desired level.

    DBF Solar Spotlights

    If you’re looking for LED spotlights with a longer illumination distance, then the DFB is the one for you. The longer lighting distance is made possible by the adjustable lighting projector that can be tilted up to an angle of 1200. This allows you to illuminate a smaller or larger outdoor space.

    The solar panel that comes with the item also has an adjustable angle of 3600. The feature allows you to tilt it during the day so that it can follow the sun for maximum charging.  

    TDYJWELL Solar Ground Lights

    The solar ground lights are great for providing all-round average lighting. They are perfect for the garden, sidewalk, campsites, and swimming pools.

    Each light is made up of ten LED bulbs, which enhances the illumination range and brightness. The products also have a light sensor that allows them to switch off during the day and to turn on during the night automatically.

    ROSHWEY Solar Spotlights

    These lights are a little on the pricey side; however, they’re packed full of unique and cool features. Each item has four lighting modes, two of which work with a motion sensor and the other two without the motion sensor.

    The product has two lamps, where each can emit up to 1000 lumens during the night. When fully charged, the item can provide light for up to 10 hours. 


    The outdoor solar lights identified in this article are perfect for any home. Each has exciting features that will be sure to give any landscape and garden a substantial boost in appeal.

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    • Check it still points in the sun.
    • Make sure it's fully in the "on" position.
    • If there is moisture inside the light and rust, you may need to replace it.
    • Clean the cover.
    • It may need new batteries.

    The batteries on solar lights are often under the solar panel assemblage. Use a tiny screwdriver to open the compartment and replace with a fresh battery of the same size.

    It's important to consider placement of the solar lights...purpose of the light, receives adequate sunlight, and not an obstacle for lawn maintenance or kids.

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