11 Podcasts that Solar Energy Industry Professionals Should Listen to

Want to keep updated with the latest policies? Looking for insight packed podcasts that talk about solar energy? We’ve got you covered.

Below are a handful of podcasts we deem follow-worthy in that they, most importantly, don’t waste your time while despatching valuable industry knowledge to keep you on top of your game. While there are thousands of podcasts that might allude to solar technology at some point or in one of their episodes, what we picked here are mostly dedicated to the solar industry.

Realistically, you can only listen to and follow a couple, but you should check out these solar industry podcasts and find out what shows you love the most.

0. SunCast by Nico Johnson

Image courtesy of mySunCast.com
  • Host: Nico Johnson
  • Typical length:  around 50 minutes
  • Targeted audience: all solar professionals
  • Update frequency: once every week

This is by far my favorite podcast. I’ve listened to almost every single episode.

This solar energy dedicated podcast started back in 2015. The host, Nico Johnson, takes an interview approach dissecting how movers and shakers in the clean energy industry starting out and the entrepreneurial journey along the way. Nico takes you deep into conversations with industry executives from SolarCity, SunEdison, Nextracker, Trina Solar, Conergy, Greentech Media.

His show also covers emerging markets like Mexico, Chile, Brazil, Panama, Colombia and elsewhere in Latin America and the Caribbean.

Tune in, and stay informed.

Typical episodes include:

1. Energy Gang by GTM.

Length:  about 45 minutes

A show hosted by  Greentech Media that covers the latest news in clean energy research in America and the broader markets. It also hosts debates to cut open new policies and their extrapolated impacts on rates and bills, the environment, and the overall energy technology.

To note is that most guests on Energy Gang’s weekly recordings come from various backgrounds all with tentacles in various renewable energy genres of business. They also feature guests that can speak first hand on the policies that affect the overall costs and impacts of the energy sector. A place for smart people to talk openly about energy matters.

Typical topics discussed include;

#. The Debate Over America’s 2050 Energy Mix

#. The Battery Storage Market Kicks Into High Gear

2. The Interchange.

Length: around 30 ~ 60 minutes

Another Greentech Media Podcast presented in smart and entertainment doses bu the dynamic duo of Stephen Lacey, a journalist, and Shayle Kann, a venture capitalist. The weekly show delves into transition trends across the energy sector, including new technologies, market trends, and company reviews.

If you want to know which companies are making notable strides in renewable energy innovations, these guys will have down to the dot details. Because they host smart and informed guests, they also feature a lot of new ideas that your company could look into if that’s your angle. Sometimes it takes knowing what technologies are actually working so that you take them up, and this is the podcast that divulges such information.

Typical episode titles include;

#. Why Shell Is Pouring Billions Into Batteries, Microgrids, EVs and Electrification

#. Steal This Decarbonization Strategy!

3. Solar Maverick.

~30 minutes mean

An entrepreneur’s angle on the solar market. A weekly show hosted by the serial entrepreneur Benoy Thanjan who also owns Reneu Energy and holds advisory positions on several other solar startups. Li Wang co-hosts the show. He is a digital marketing firm owner with a journalism background. The mix hosts the show to inform their listeners about financing ideas along with scoops into recent contracts.

This podcast is your regular listen if you’re looking to gain knowledge into how the solar business ticks. Networking conversation starters are easy to pick off from their discussions with guests that they feature. General audience target would be decision makers (already or) looking to invest in the solar industry.

Typical discussions they host include;

#. Solar Engineering and Advice for Entrepreneurs looking to grow successfully in the solar industry

#. An Investor’s Perspective on the US Solar Market

4. Energy Insider.

Length: ~40 minutes

An international energy issues discussion platform hosted from Australia by RenewEconomy and presented by Giles Parkinson (the editor), a veteran journalist that brings along several invited guests on a weekly basis to expand the podcast’s audience’s knowledge of the solar industry in and beyond Australia. Their approach is to educate by asking how several changes in the market affect everyone’s experience in the long run.

The solar industry’s development is not limited to your state, and that’s why a listen to the Energy Insider will give you a broader aperture into how other areas are experiencing it. You’d be a good fit for their target audience if you realize the importance of knowing how the rest of the world is approaching and implementing new solar innovations.

Typical topics discussed include;

#. 50% renewables: Too much, too soon? Or too slow?

#. How to electrify the world with renewables

5. Currents

Length: ~30 minutes

A podcast that discusses solar industry projects financing, analyses developments in renewable energy, and educates businesses on how they can grow their ideas. Hosted by Norton Rose Fulbright, through their partner-presenter Todd Alexander, through regular tune-ins you can discover how your company can source funding to get more customers, expand and execute it’s renewable energy-related ideas.

Typical guests on the show are key policymakers, business leaders who can provide investigated insight on issues that affect the rate of growth of the solar industry. Small companies should listen to this podcast for the latest tax incentives, government allocations to authorized offices and other boosts that will enable the expansion of renewable energy uptake.

Typical Lines of discussion include;

#. A Talk with the deputy director of the U.S. Department of Energy Solar Energy Technologies Office

#. Cost of Capital: 2019 Outlook

6. Straight-Talk Solar Cast

Length: ~15 minutes

A short question and answer session hosted by Jamie Duran (solar industry expert and president of Solar Harmonics) and Adam Duran the co-host. Solar Harmonics uses the platform to educate their clients about frequently asked questions by previous customers. They record and broadcast out of Brentwood CA. A short listen will have you realize how deep they go into explaining common usage issues that clients often have before and during solar energy.

The target audience for Straight-Talk Solar Cast is the end user. They’re advocating for more households to start owning their energy through the implementation of solar systems in urban and suburban areas.

Typical sessions include;

#. Why is it necessary to use a licensed contractor for your solar project?

#. How to Prepare for Going Solar

7. Clean Power Planet  

Length: ~30 minutes

This is the podcast hosted and owned by David Butler (a clean energy consumer and advocate) that shines the light on regular people who are involved in the solar and wind (any renewable really) energy transition towards doing away with the dirty energy industry. You can listen to previous coal workers that have now started clean energy companies as they share their roadmaps and hints for you to get started too. Guests often have hands-on experience on both sides of the energy business.

Clean Power Planet’s target audience is two-pronged. The business-minded listener looking for ideas on what clean energy initiatives to monetize, and the consumer looking for motivation for that final tip into the clean energy life.

Typical content includes;

#. Retraining Coal Miners for Energy Efficiency Work – John Craft

#. Clean Electrification is a shock to the fossil fuel industry – Paul Bony

8. The Solarpreneur Podcast

Length: (~30 -60 minutes)

This is a podcast for business-oriented listeners that features marketers, business owners, and even consumers looking to start earning or increase their sales in the solar industry. The show is hosted by James Swiderski and Taylor Armstrong, and host guests from other countries as they share how to take advantage of the boom to spin an income.

Content is spread out on a weekly basis, and listening through a few case studies during a couple of episodes leaves you motivated to get out there and start making sales. They also give working strategies that will get you off the ground.

Episode titles you can listen to include;

#. Using Chatbots to Skyrocket Your Sales (interview with Austin Lacy)

#. How to Catapult Your Success in Solar (interview with Walid Halty)

9. The Freeing Energy Podcast

Length: ~40 minutes

An innovation oriented podcast that features a lot of pioneering ideas in the solar industry. Hosted by Bill Nussey, TED speaker and CEO of Solar Inventions along with the co-host, S Esaterby. Most of the guests are themselves, owners of inventions labs that are continuously pulling away from the old standard of centralized grid power distribution systems and infrastructure.

If you’re an innovator or entrepreneur with an idea that may change the way we create and consume energy, this podcast will connect you with like minds.

Inventors and topics on the podcast include;

#. Jeff Chamberlin: Are batteries the final puzzle piece for a clean energy grid?

#. Andy Klump: Inside China’s impact on the global renewable energy business.

10. Local Energy Rules

Length: ~30 minutes

Aware that there is a new energy economy on the build, John Farrell meets local (New Mexico) solar industry influencers in a bid to discuss how policies passed can help grow or cut short the potential usage of renewable energies. Their conversations’ ripples extend throughout the rest of America by way of alerting every listener of the new discoveries on a weekly basis.

Residents of New Mexico are undoubtedly the most affected by each episode. However, anyone looking to learn what is happening across the solar industry as a whole in order to fill up their jigsaw puzzle of ideas to monetize would best take a listen. You will also find guests from other states as they share what is happening in as far as solar energy industry development is concerned.

Recent topics discussed on the podcast include;

#. From the Archive: A David and Goliath Fight to Tap World Class Solar

#. Don’t-Miss Opportunity for Local Choice in Landmark Carbon-Free Bills

Why solar energy professionals need to listen to Podcast

The podcast is really taking off in recent years. People love podcast for good reasons. As a lifelong learner, I personally think you should listen to the podcast because:

  • Good use of “downtime”: How you ever tracked your time of driving, cooking, washing dishes, exercises and etc. each day? Well, I have and it was about 3 hours/day! This is when a podcast comes handy. You can listen to an industry-specific podcast when doing these things.
  • Keep up with the industry trends: At the age of technology disruption, there’re always breakthroughs, policy changes, new findings. We all know about reading can keep you updated but not everyone loves reading. Podcast provides a great alternative.


Regardless where you’re viewing from as the solar industry continues to grow, each podcast above will keep your mind sharp with facts and analysis from big players who are driving every change. So much insightful content is being produced on a daily basis. We hope you enjoy the ideas and lines of thought shared in the few podcasts we have curated for you.

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